Poems About Losing A Mother

Poems About Losing A Mother

Lost & Found. is one of the few poems about death that is celebrating how mothers continue to live through their children. This funeral poem is absolutely beautiful, and it speaks to all of the love a mother’s hands could have felt, from cradling you when you were little to cuddling you when you were struggling.

If you are one of the fortunate ones lucky enough to have considered your mother your best friend, then this beautiful poem is a perfect tribute to her at your funeral or memorial service. If your mother was an Angel on Earth, a woman who loved life, treasured family, and was kind beyond words, this funeral poem is the perfect poem to honor her during her funeral or memorial service. Used as a funeral poem for mothers, this poem may summarize in a few lines the deep love you feel for your mother.

As a reading at the funeral, this beautiful poem can remind the reader, and anyone listening, that the love you have for a mother is timeless, and is ever present — right next to you on the beach. The Best Day is a song that perfectly captures just how much cherished, and appreciated motherly love can be, and it can make for a lovely choice for the mother’s funeral song. The verse does reference Mother’s Day, and although this may be an ideal piece to share on social media for this specific May day, it may also give you some comfort while mourning your mother’s recent passing.

Losing A Mother Templates

Whatever way you choose to memorialize and honor your mother, we are confident one of these poems will perfectly showcase just how special she was, and how much she is missed. Whether you are looking for a mom funeral hymn, readings for your mother’s funeral, poems reflecting on your mother’s loss, marking birthdays, anniversaries, or Mother’s Day, these beautiful songs, poems, and quotes about mothers can help you to say how much she meant in a meaningful way. Whether you are turning to a famous poem, reading an original poem for your mother’s loss, or finding inspiration for your own verses to honor her, poems in memory of your mom help you to keep her memories going.

My late dad wrote this poem when his own mother died way back in 1956. Many of my clients chose this for the funeral services for their mothers (without knowing that My late Father wrote this). This funeral poem is a moving tribute by Patrick Cavanagh, the greatest Irish author, to the memory of the Mother she loved.

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