Sample Prayer Cards For Funerals

Memorial cards for funerals may be printed on heavy-duty card stock or printed onto paper, and then laminated. Memorial cards for funerals are also called In Memoriam cards, Prayer cards, Memorial cards, etc. Memorial cards can be either religious or secular. Often featuring a striking design, prayer cards typically have a person’s name and date on the front, as well as a photo and religious/sentimental art, and a printed prayer or inspiring message on the back. Funeral cards are usually religious, featuring poems and prayers which are focused on God and drawn from the scriptures.

 Memorial cards may be more personalized, including secular poems and prayers not derived directly from scripture. Here are some common Bible passages you can use as prayers and incorporate into your memorial cards. Below is a compilation of prayers and poems you may want to include in a funeral card or memorial.

 Once you have decided what poems or prayers you want to be included on your loved ones’ funeral prayer card, Honor You does the rest. Including a poem on a prayer card is a great option for those who are religiously unaffiliated, but still wish to create a beautiful memorial keepsake for funeral guests honoring their lost loved one. If faith was important to your lost loved one, you might want to consider including a beautiful prayer on the back of the funeral prayer card.

Funeral Program Templates

Memorial prayer cards are designed to provide funeral service providers with a tangible memorial they can keep and treasure for years. Memorial cards are meant to be remembered by those who have passed away, serving as the final memorial memory and tribute for their loved ones. Memorial cards contain essential information about the deceased person and can be slipped into a book or a pocketbook with ease.

 A contemporary memorial card for the funeral service can become a real memento to friends and family as they remember their loved ones. Printable funeral prayer cards are readily available to anyone wishing to create this beautiful memorial to the passing of a loved one. Use the examples and templates for free cards while making a funeral prayer card, so people at the funeral service may dedicate time to praying for the soul of the deceased.

 You may also want to include some details about the person who died or about the schedule for the event, so you can design a funeral prayer card that is informative. If there is a burial service in which the cremated remains of the deceased are interred, then you may want to include the funeral cards’ and cremation prayers. If you have to make a Catholic funeral card template, make sure that you will include the Catholic prayers in your document.

 Rather than creating a cluttered or egregious design for your funeral card prayers, use templates that will help show off the details of your prayers in your document. When you are in a pinch for the right words to say in your funeral service or memorial prayer card, use this list as a jumping-off point to come up with something that perfectly captures the sentiments that you wish to express during your funeral service or memorial.


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