Funeral Order of Service

Funeral Order of Service

Creating an order of service for a funeral is a lot more than just putting together an itinerary.

It’s a chance to work together with your friends and family. Choosing the photos, messages, and sentiments that symbolize the life of someone close to all of you, and deciding together the best way to present that celebrated life to a larger circle of friends and acquaintances.

And for those who won’t be able to make it to the ceremony, a funeral order of service is the next best thing to actually being there.
It’s a concrete connection to the person being celebrated, and something they’ll be able to keep for years as a reminder of how that person was honored.

funeral program order of service
funeral program order of service

How to write a funeral order of service

The next pages are usually where you’ll find the schedule of the ceremony itself – a simple list that tells those attending what will happen and what to expect. There’s no strict format or order to follow, but the service might include:

  • A musical procession as the mourners enter and assemble.
  • An introduction from your community leader or a particular speaker.
  • Music, songs, hymns or poems. The specific hymns or scripture verses are usually listed for reference and highlighted in bold.
  • Readers and speakers recalling memories of the honored person – these speakers are usually named in the order of service.
  • Group prayers, hymns or music.
  • Committal and blessing.
  • Closing music. The music at both the beginning and the end can be named in the booklet for attendees who aren’t familiar with the selection.

Of course, you’ll need to check the outline of the service with the director of the ceremony or your community leader before you go to print. Depending on the venue or the place of worship, they’ll often have a particular way of running things – and you ought to make sure they can fit in your plans before you promise anything in your booklet.

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