Funeral Program – 8.5 x 11 Letter Size

Funeral Programs are a lasting tribute to the life and legacy of our loved ones. They provide a structure for the service, which includes details about the ceremony and biographical information about the deceased. Creating a personalized program can bring comfort and honor to those also who gather to remember and celebrate a life well-lived.

What are Funeral Programs?

Funeral programs are printed documents distributed to attendees during a funeral or memorial service. They outline the order of the service and can include personal touches such as photos, poems, scriptures, and other tributes to the deceased.

A funeral program is a pamphlet or brochure that is distributed to a griever attending a funeral or memorial service. It typically includes important details about the deceased, such as their name, date and day of birth, and date of death, as well as information about the funeral service, including the time, location, and order of events. It includes photos of the deceased, short summary of the person who died, poetry, or a message from the family. They serve as a keepsake for family and friends to remember the deceased.

Why Letter Size (8.5 x 11) Programs?

The letter size of 8.5 x 11 inches is a standard size for funeral templates and many other types of printed materials in North America because it is a commonly used size for printer paper by people. This size is widely available, easy to print, and convenient to use in a variety of applications.

Using a standard size also makes it easier to design and lay out the funeral program template, as you can easily find pre-made templates and design elements that fit this size. Additionally, letter-sized paper is easy to handle and transport, and it can be folded in a number of ways to create a booklet-style program. has a wide collection of letter-sized funeral templates. We also provide free editable and customizable services where you can make templates on your own from your comfort zone.

Funeral Program : Guidelines

After losing your loved one, it becomes a very difficult task to organize a funeral service program as you are not in a condition to do it all on your own. Here we provided a few general things you should do while creating a funeral template.

Cover page:

  • Title: “Celebrating the Life of [Name]” or “In Lovig Memory”
  • Picture of the deceased
  • Date and location of the funeral
  • Name of the funeral home or church.

Order of Service:

  • Welcome: A brief introduction and welcome to guests
  • Opening prayer: A solemn prayer to set the tone for the service
  • Eulogy: A heartfelt tribute to the deceased’s life and accomplishments
  • Musical interlude: A song or instrumental piece to provide a reflective pause
  • Scripture reading: A passage from the Bible or other religious text that offers comfort
  • Personal reflections: A time for family and friends to share memories or stories about the deceased
  • Message of hope: A message of hope and comfort for those who are grieving
  • Closing prayer: A final prayer to conclude the service.


  • Brief biographical information about the deceased, such as their birthdate, place of birth, and significant life events
  • Surviving family members
  • Information about the funeral service and any donations that can be made in the deceased’s memory .

Additional Information:

  • Directions to the cemetery or burial site
  • Information about the post-funeral reception or gathering
  • Thank-you note: A message of thanks to guests for their attendance and support.

Start Your Creation With Quickfuneral

  1. Choose a template that matches the style and tone you want for the funeral program. We have lots of pre-designed templates that you can customize with your own text and images.
  2. Add the deceased’s name, photo, and biographical information to the template. Include any details about the service or ceremony, such as the date, time, and location.
  3. Select an appropriate font style and size for the text. Use a simple and easy-to-read font like “Bergamo Std” or “Arial”.
  4. Add any additional elements to the template, such as images, quotes, or religious symbols.
  5. Preview the template to ensure it looks the way you want it to.
  6. We have also provided ornaments, sentiment images, and lots of things to make your templates more attractive and perfect.
  7. Save the template and download it in a format that can be easily printed, such as a PDF or JPEG.
  8. Print the template on high-quality paper using a printer with high print-quality settings. Consider printing a few extra copies in case they are needed.
  9. If you are facing any problems at the time of the creation, you can contact us directly. Our team is always there for your help. They will help you at every step.

Paper and Printing Suggestions For Funeral Programs

  1. Choose high-quality paper that is durable and has a professional feel. A thicker paper, such as cardstock or linen.
  2. Use a printer with high print-quality settings to ensure that the text and images are pleasant and clear. Test print a sample page first to check for any errors or formatting issues.
  3. Consider using a professional printing service to ensure the best quality and consistency across multiple copies.
  4. Ensure that the page margins are set appropriately to avoid cutting off any text or images during the printing process.
  5. Double-check for any spelling or formatting errors before printing multiple copies.
  6. Print enough copies for all attendees, plus a few extra in case they are needed.

Funeral Program Templates

Funeral Templates : Videos For Help

Frequently Asked Questions On Funeral Program

While creating funeral templates lots of questions can arise in your mind. Here are some of them discussed to clear all your doubts:

What is a funeral program?

A printed document that outlines the order of service at a funeral.

What should be included in a funeral program?

 Deceased’s name, photo, and biographical information, service details, and readings.

Who typically creates the funeral program?

Funeral director, family members, or professional designer.

What size should a funeral program be?

Typically 8.5 x 11 inches or 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

How many pages should a funeral program have?

Usually 4-8 pages, depending on the amount of information included.

What font style is appropriate for a funeral program?

Simple and easy-to-read fonts like Times New Roman or Arial.

How to start editing template on Quickfuneral?

Simply tap on ‘edit online’ , then edit easily on your own.

When should the funeral program be distributed?

 Typically, before the start of the service.

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