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Funeral Programs

Funeral Programs

Funeral software for Funeral Programs has revolutionized the funeral industry and funeral stationery. The dedication of a funeral personalization company has made it possible to offer client families the most affordable, customized funeral stationery, all ofwhich can be created in-house and can help enhance their life celebration.

Funeral Programs

Their programmers, designers and funeral marketing experts have assembled the most advanced software that simply blows away out dated pre-printed funeral stationery in every aspect. From cost to customization options and ease of creation, the next generation of funeral professionals will surely be only using software that has been printed-on-demand.

This robust software enables funeral professionals to quickly and easily create customized funeral stationery on-demand, in-house, from blank, perforated stock using software driven templates.

Now, client families are able to choose from a wide variety of personalization options and funeral homes no longer need to inventory pre-printed stock.

starttoday Funeral Program   8.5 x 11 (Letter Size)

Let’s explore a few of the main reasons you should print funeral stationery on-demand:

Funeral Programs – Affordable
Printing-on-demand is one of the most cost effective solutions to creating funeral stationery. With a fixed-cost program, using a color laser printer, a funeral professional can expect to pay .09 to .10 per copy using a color laser printer and .09 to .10 cents for color and .01 to .02 cents for a black and white print. If the funeral home uses a copier, often referred to as a multi-functional printer (MFP) the cost ranges between .06 to .08 cents for color and .08 to 1.2 cents for black and white.

Funeral Programs – Customizable
The options print-on-demand offers client families alone, over 500 different themes, makes print-on-demand the best choice for funeral stationery. It’s the customization that really set the two printing options apart from each other, the price is secondary. Printing-on-demand, client families can choose from coordinating themes matching any interest, hobby, occupation, or religious background.

Funeral Programs – No Equipment to Buy
One of the benefits of printing-on-demand is that it isn’t necessary to buy any equipment. A funeral home that already owns printing equipment can use their existing printer or copier to create the print-on-demand funeral register books. Cost effective printer programs are also available offering a fixed, low cost-per-page agreements.

Funeral Programs – In-House Creation
Printing-on-demand funeral software enables a funeral professional to print entirely customized and coordinated funeral stationery including a funeral register book, memorial folder, prayer card, acknowledgement, book mark, sign, DVD packaging, temporary grave marker and a candle. The funeral home simply inventories the blank stock and can print-on-demand what’s needed, when it’s needed.


starttoday Funeral Program   8.5 x 11 (Letter Size)

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