Funeral Programs

A funeral program, also known as a memorial program or funeral service bulletin, is a printed document that provides information about a person’s life and details about the order of events and activities that will take place during a funeral or memorial service. It typically includes the name and photo of the deceased, their birth and death dates, an obituary, the order of service, and any other information that the family wants to include, such as a favorite quote or poem. Funeral programs are often given to attendees as a keepsake and serve as a tribute to the person who has passed away.

Funeral Programs

Funeral Programs
Funeral Programs

A funeral program serves as a touching tribute to the departed, encapsulating their life’s journey, cherished memories, and the essence of their spirit. It’s a heartfelt summary that accompanies the final farewell, offering comfort and solace to grieving friends and family. Each program is a unique, personalized memento, often reflecting the personality and life of the loved one. It typically includes key information about the funeral service, like the order of events, hymns, readings, and who will be participating.

More than just a guide for the service, it’s a keepsake that attendees can take home, allowing them to reflect on the beautiful moments they shared with the departed. These programs often contain a photo of the departed, their biography, significant dates, and achievements, along with fond anecdotes or quotes. Some also include a thank you section from the family, acknowledging the support received during their time of grief.

Creating a funeral program can be a therapeutic process, helping to focus on celebrating a life well-lived rather than the loss. It provides an opportunity to tell their story, highlight their passions, and share the impact they had on others. In the digital age, many choose to create these programs online, adding a level of convenience and accessibility to the process. Websites offering customizable templates have become invaluable, allowing individuals to create a beautiful, professional-looking program without needing specialized design skills.

In essence, the funeral program is a profound homage to a life that was, and a tangible reminder of the legacy that remains. It’s not just a document, but a compilation of love, respect, and cherished memories.

What should a funeral program include?

Funeral programs, also known as memorial programs or funeral service bulletins, are printed documents that provide important information and details about a person’s life, as well as the order of events and activities that will take place during a funeral or memorial service. Here is a breakdown of the key components of a funeral program:


  1. Cover Design
    • The cover design of a funeral program typically includes a photo of the deceased, their name, and their birth and death dates. The cover design can be customised to reflect the individual’s personality or interests.
  2. Order of Service
    • The order of service section outlines the activities and events that will take place during the funeral or memorial service. This section may include elements such as music, prayers, readings, and eulogies.
  3. Obituary
    • The obituary section provides a brief biography of the deceased, highlighting their life accomplishments, family, and interests. Look no further than our free obituary generator tool! Our easy-to-use tool takes the stress out of writing an obituary by guiding you through a series of prompts and questions about your loved one’s life, accomplishments, and personality. Here, we are helping you with some obituary examples for your loved-ones. You can pick as per your requirement and fill with your own details to get it added on obituary template while editing.
  4. Funeral Poems, Quotes or Scriptures
    • This section of the program for a funeral may include comforting or inspiring poems, quotes or scriptures that reflect the individual’s beliefs or values.
  5. Funeral Program Photos and Memories
    • This section provides a space to share photos and memories of the deceased. Family members and friends can contribute to this section to create a personal and heartfelt tribute to their loved one.
    • The acknowledgements section provides an opportunity for the family to thank those who have supported them during this difficult time. This section may include the names of family members, friends, or organisations that have provided emotional or financial support. Funeral Program Acknowledgements

Funeral programs are a meaningful way to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away. They provide a tangible reminder of the person and the memories they created, and can serve as a cherished keepsake for family and friends.


Different Type of Funeral Programs

There are several types of funeral programs, which can vary based on the preferences of the family and the type of service being held. Some common types of funeral programs include:

  • Traditional Funeral Program: This is the most common type of funeral programme and typically includes the name and photo of the deceased, their birth and death dates, an obituary, the order of service, and any other relevant information.
  • Memorial Service Program: This type of program is similar to a traditional funeral program but is used for a memorial service rather than a funeral. It may include the order of service, readings, and tributes from family and friends.
  • Celebration of Life Program: This type of program is designed to celebrate the life of the deceased rather than mourn their passing. It may include photos, stories, and other anecdotes that reflect the person’s personality and interests.
  • Military Funeral Program: This type of program is used for funerals of military service members and may include information about the person’s military service, as well as any honors or medals they received.
  • Religious Funeral Program: This type of program is used for funerals that follow specific religious traditions and may include prayers, hymns, or other religious elements. The type of funeral program chosen often depends on the preferences of the family and the type of service being held.

Funeral Programs

Funeral Programs – are also known as a funeral bulletin, funeral memorial programs, funeral service programs or memorial service program and are used to supply information to those that are in attendance at the funeral and usually lists the order of events, pallbearers, special poems and verses, and anything else that the family wants to include to make the service a memorable experience.

Traditionally, the main focus that goes into the funeral program has been the text. With new technologies, families can now incorporate custom images in addition to text to help celebrate the life of the person that has passed on.

A funeral program is a very important part of a funeral or memorial service. Sometimes it is called a funeral or commemorative bulletin, it is a funeral document that describes the sequence of events during a funeral or memorial service. It also serves to summon the life of a deceased lover.

Bellow has handpicked funeral programs templates for you to get started quickly. Your work will save with us until you complete your editing of the funeral program.

Different Sizes of Funeral Programs

Programs for funerals come in different sizes and formats depending on the preferences of the family or the funeral home. Here are some common sizes of funeral programs:

  • 8.5 x 11 inches: This is a standard letter size, and it’s the most commonly used size for funeral programs. It allows for more content to be included, such as photos and longer obituaries.
  • 5.5 x 8.5 inches: This size is also known as half-letter or booklet size, and it’s a popular option for funeral programs because it’s easier to handle and can be printed on regular office paper.
  • 4 x 6 inches: This size is smaller and can be used for a more minimalist approach to funeral programs. It’s a good option if you want a simple and elegant design.
  • Custom size: Funeral programs can also be customized to any size depending on your preference. However, it’s important to consider the cost of printing and distribution if you choose a non-standard size.

Ultimately, the size of the program for funerals will depend on what information you want to include and what design you prefer. It’s important to work with a funeral director or printer to ensure that the program meets your needs and is appropriate for the occasion.


Tips for creating funeral program

Creating a program for the funeral  can be a meaningful way to honor the life of a loved one and provide comfort to those who are mourning. Here are some tips for creating a funeral program:


  • Gather Information: Collect all the necessary information about the deceased such as their full name, date of birth, date of death, biographical information, and any achievements or honors. You may also want to include information about the funeral service, such as the location, time, and order of service.
  • Choose a Format: Decide on the size and format of the program. You can choose a pre-designed template or create a custom design. Make sure to choose a format that is appropriate for the occasion and reflects the personality of the deceased.
  • Include Photos: Add photos of the deceased to the program. Choose pictures that showcase different aspects of their life such as family, friends, hobbies, and achievements.
  • Add Personal Touches: You can add personal touches such as poems, favorite quotes, or scriptures that were meaningful to the deceased. You can also include a special message from the family or a thank you note to those who attended the service.
  • Proofread: Before finalising the program, proofread it carefully to ensure that all the information is accurate and free of errors.
  • Print and Distribute: Once the program for a funeral is finalised, print copies and distribute them to family and friends who attended the service. You can also upload a digital version of the program on social media or a memorial website.

Funeral Programs Examples - Templates

These days, in a funeral service you must have a well edited and printed funeral document using Funeral Program Template or obituary templates. By using these way, you will able to organise the way of “How should a professional funeral service must look like”.

We also provide you Trifold Funeral ProgramEulogy TemplateTri Fold Funeral Brochures. you can design your self and print yourself.



Creating a funeral program can be an emotional and challenging task, but with these tips, you can create a meaningful and fitting tribute to your loved one.

Creating a Program Funeral  is now easy! Our online funeral program template software allows you to create a custom funeral program in minutes, while still maintaining the desired quality. You can choose from hundreds of background templates we provide and also upload your own background of your choice. You can add unlimited pictures and text boxes and drag them anywhere on the page.

Erasing backgrounds from pictures is now very easy with our software. Simply click on the red button to erase and the green button to restore what you may not have wanted to erase. Our application uses new online HTML5 technology, which enables the software to auto-save every change you make to your funeral program. This also means that you can access your project on any computer in the world – Mac or PC so you will never have to download the software.

When you start planning a funeral, you will need to present the funeral service information or a funeral program in a well-written format. You can create one for your funeral service using our funeral programs. Our funeral templates are very helpful in such cases and can be easily edited step-by-step to create a self-printable file downloaded.

Our funeral program templates have five features that include a pre-designed cover with options to add a photo, name and dates. The back cover is pre-templated to insert a thank-you note or funeral acknowledgment. All inner pages are pre-configured for writing “funeral order of service” and “funeral obituary” information. You can also add many extra lines to add detailed life moments of the deceased person. The funeral program can be saved as a PDF for self-print at home or at any nearest printing center.

Our funeral program templates are designed to target all types of possible funeral program layouts for different types of profile of funeral services. For example, funeral programs for military services, funeral programs for farmers, and funeral programs for babies are available for online editing. Relation-based funeral programs, eg: funeral programs for mom, funeral programs for father, funeral programs for grandmother, and for other relations are also available.

Creating funeral programs online is a time-saving procedure. You just have to choose from the pre-formatted templates available online, customize according to your choice, and make them ready. There are lots of funeral programs and templates that come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and layouts, and you can pick a theme based on your preferences. Doing this task by yourself online can save your money. A quick downloadable and printable service is always there to help you out in times of grief. You can personalize these funeral templates available online easily with fundamental computer knowledge.

We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised when you use our software to create your own funeral program and templates. If you have any further questions, please use Live Chat. We are happy to help!

Funeral Programs FAQ

What is a funeral program?

A funeral program is a printed document that outlines the key points of the funeral service and summarises the life accomplishments of the deceased person. It can also serve as a keepsake for attendees.

Why should I create a funeral program?

A funeral program can be a helpful way to communicate important information about the funeral service to attendees. It can also serve as a remembrance keepsake for family and friends.

How do I create a funeral program?

You can create a funeral program using an online funeral program template software, like the one provided at You can choose from hundreds of background templates or upload your own. You can add unlimited pictures and text boxes and drag and drop them anywhere on the page.

What features are included in a funeral program?

Funeral program templates typically include a cover page for a photo and name, a back cover for a thank-you note or funeral acknowledgment, and inner pages for writing funeral order of service and obituary information. They may also include extra lines for adding detailed life moments of the deceased person.

Can I save and print the funeral program myself?

Yes, you can save the funeral program as a PDF and print it yourself at home or at a printing center.

Why should I create a funeral program online?

Creating a funeral program online can save time and money compared to hiring someone else to do it. You can choose from a variety of templates and customize them to your liking. Plus, you can download and print them immediately. You don’t need any special design skills to personalize these templates.

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