Funeral Announcement Templates

Funeral Announcement Templates

A funeral notice, or death notification, is a card or an invitation sent by hand or digitally to family members and friends of a deceased person. Funeral announcements are sent out to announce the death of a loved one, as well as to serve as an invitation to a funeral or memorial service which is coming up. 

If there are no events taking place (or if they are small and private), the funeral announcement may just announce the death of the loved one, giving a short summary of who they were. Funeral Announcement Cards are cards sent out to friends, family, and loved ones in order to let friends know about a loved one’s death.

 Most of these announcements contain the basics, like the name of the loved one, date of death, location, and time of memorial service or funeral. One of the first steps is to make an announcement about the passing of your loved one, sharing details about the funeral services that you are planning. Generally, you can follow these four tips to cover all bases when deciding whether or not to write a death notice that lets family and friends know of the loved ones’ death.

Funeral Announcements Program Templates

For less formal funeral announcements, such as those in cards for family and friends, you may want to use more descriptive words when choosing words. A funeral service announcement is not where you would want to include lyrics to a loved one’s favorite funeral song. 

One of the first things you will have to write after the passing of a loved one is a memorial service announcement – the announcement that they have died, giving details of the services for the family and friends. Before discussing the definition of a memorial service announcement, let us discuss the differences between a memorial service and a funeral.

 A reference means a memorial service announcement includes all of the details necessary for someone to participate in that final, meaningful act. A memorial notice is a means to notify friends or co-workers about an individual’s death and of the funeral service that will take place.


For funerals that include a reception following the funeral service, make sure that you include details about that reception in the invitations so that those who are invited are aware of that reception. Make sure you state whether or not the funeral is a private gathering reserved for a family member and close friends. If it is a public funeral, be sure to say so, and state where the funeral is being held, and what time. 

Make sure to pick an obvious means, like an individual email or card, for telling friends and family of funeral arrangements.

 When writing your funeral announcement on Facebook, you should take into consideration that all of your Facebook friends, and potentially, their friends, may see the message. When writing your funeral announcement, think about your audience, and include details that people will need in order to either attend a funeral service or send condolences.

 Funeral notices are highly personal, intimate, and important to families, so you should take time before starting to write one, and spend proper time choosing the proper words. Funeral announcements, meant to communicate the person’s death and funeral details, can be done in a nice way if a bit of thought is given. 

There are often cultural expectations regarding wording or messaging surrounding a loved one’s death, so it is important to be aware of the appropriate etiquette for sending out funeral announcements. If the funeral announcement is being used to invite others to the event, it is important that you include any pertinent event information and details.

 A funeral notice is used for sharing dates and times, and also where a funeral service is being held. How to Use a Sample Funeral Notice When you have found a sample that strikes you as fitting for your dead loved one, you may want to personalize it. Like with funeral programs, you may want to include lines from poetry or Bible passages within the announcement so that it seems more personal for the deceased. With funeral announcement templates, you can now design and print elegant funeral announcements or funeral program cards personalized with the photo of the deceased and a little scripture or poetry.

 Here are 21 beautiful sample funeral announcement words for cards to help you convey your plans for a memorial service to friends and family. Here are 10 funeral poems that may give you inspiration and help to add some touch of inspiration to your funeral invitation. Memorial websites let you officially announce a loved one’s death, and let their community know about any events or services that are going to take place.


Obituary Templates for creating printable obituaries online are available below. Select any Obituary Template to start editing online and downloading printable PDF. Here we provide resources about What i write in an Obituary Program is the best printable format to present the care of the person who has passed away. 

Here is an array of printable obituary programs available on our website that can be edited anytime. These templates can also be known as Funeral Invitation Templates.

Creating a memorial website instead of sending physical funeral notices also offers an opportunity to reach a lot of people, fast, without having to know their physical addresses, as allows you to send out a nice announcement by email, linking to more information on a website. There are plenty of websites that will sell custom funeral announcements, but this presents the time constraint of printing and mailing out formal written invitations–most times, funerals are held within one week of the death. The words for a funeral invitation will typically contain specific details about the funeral service and are shared with only immediate family, friends, and acquaintances (not with the public at large).


If a family has any specific requests, such as suggesting attendees bring clothing supporting a deceased loved one’s favorite team, these instructions will also be included with the memorial service invitation.

 Spread awareness of a loved one’s funeral service by customizing our funeral notice template. Create a warm message of support using Printable, high-customizable funeral invitation templates from

 Funeral notification templates can be used to create frames for letters that tell everyone the date, time, and location of the funeral. A funeral note can be used to communicate with relatives, friends, work colleagues, and others connected with the deceased individual on a personal as well as a professional level. Writing funeral note details can be a challenging task, using these templates, one only needs to write personal details of the individual in question. 

An obituary is typically published in the newspaper or online, and it usually includes the public notice of the death, a brief biographical note about the deceased, and miscellaneous funeral arrangements. Informing others of the funeral that is coming may be appropriate via social media sites such as Facebook, as long as you keep things official.

Funeral Program Templates

For well-documented and well-designed printable funeral programs, we have below options of funeral program templates

We have many more options such as half-page 8.5 x 5.5 funeral program templates and other sizes. Please see the All Funeral Program Templates page for more information.