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Free Funeral Program Template is a easy way to quickly create self printable funeral programs. Avail Free Professional Design Service for Funeral Program Templates, Edit it online, Download Printable PDF and Print it yourself. No Restrictions!

What is Funeral Program Template

Discover the convenience and customization options of funeral program templates. Create heartfelt tributes and personalized booklets for funeral or memorial services with ease using free funeral program templates in Word or online formats.

For in-depth insights into composing obituaries, including the obituary format and practical examples, explore our articles: “How to Write an Obituary“, “Newspaper Obituaries and Death Announcements” and “Obituary Templates and Examples“. You can also browse through our sample obituary templates to enhance your understanding of the process.

A funeral programs template serves as a valuable framework for crafting a personalized program or booklet to commemorate a loved one’s life during a funeral or memorial service. Whether in the form of a Microsoft Word template or an online resource, these template for funeral program offer a user-friendly solution for individuals and funeral service providers to honor and remember those who have passed away.

Key Features of Funeral Program Templates:

  1. Cover Design:
    • Personalize the template with a photo, name, and dates of the deceased.
    • Create a visually appealing and memorable cover design.
  2. Order of Service:
    • Outline the sequence of events during the funeral service.
    • Include prayers, readings, eulogies, musical selections, and other significant rituals.
    • Ensure a well-organized and meaningful service.
  3. Obituary:
    • Share the life story, achievements, and milestones of the deceased.
    • Provide information about family members, education, career, hobbies, and community involvement.
    • Create a comprehensive tribute that captures the essence of their life.
  4. Photos and Memories:
    • Display cherished photographs of the deceased.
    • Include personal anecdotes, memories, or quotes from family and friends.
    • Celebrate the special moments shared with the loved one.
  5. Funeral Poems, Readings, or Scriptures:
    • Curate a collection of meaningful poems, readings, or religious scriptures.
    • Enhance the program with depth and reflection.
  6. Thank You Notes:
    • Express gratitude and appreciation to those who offered support and condolences.
    • Acknowledge the presence and kindness of friends and family during this difficult time.

User-Friendly Customization: By utilizing funeral program templates free, individuals can create professional-looking and personalized tributes without the need for extensive design or formatting skills. These templates offer an intuitive interface, enabling easy customization of text, images, and layout to suit individual preferences and requirements. With just a few simple steps, a heartfelt and customized program can be created.

Self Printable - Edit Anytime

Self Editable and Printable Funeral Program Templates

Unlimited content & printing option. You can self-print our every template. Simply edit it and download the printable file. You can use your own printer or take it to your nearest printing center.

Organize a funeral program on

Planning a funeral program can be overwhelming, but’s drag & drop platform makes it easy. Choose a free template that fits the theme of the funeral service and customize it further with your own content. These templates are created by professional designers, and you can add personal touches like a favorite photo or poem, clip art, or captions for photographs.

You can also purchase funeral program templates online. These templates come with basic designs and content, and all you need to do is input the words and quotes of the deceased or friends and family members. There are many templates available, from minimalist designs to those with illustrations, shapes, and borders that match the theme of the service. Some even feature an online collage maker or downloadable software.

Make sure to choose a template that suits the type of funeral service you’re planning. A bi-fold template is a great choice, as it’s four pages long and 5.5 inches wide. It includes an oval-framed picture area and a floral bouquet, and it’s easy to edit in Microsoft Word. You can select a template that incorporates the deceased’s favorite colors and design elements. There are even templates for religious services and funerals.

Your funeral program should include the biodata of the deceased, including their full legal name, nicknames, and date of birth. You can also include their age at the time of death, if desired. Make sure to include the location and name of the service, as well as the departed’s address, phone number, and email address. This program will be a special keepsake for your guests and a permanent reminder for you.

Add obituary information

When you’ve found a funeral program template free  that you like, it’s time to add information about the deceased, like a short biography. You should include their full legal name, any nicknames they had, and their date of birth and death. Make sure you double-check the dates to ensure accuracy. Also, include the date, time, and location of the service, as well as who will officiate it.

Most templates have customizable text and text boxes that you can use to input the information. If you have the information in another format, you can copy and paste it into the template. Make sure to add the information as soon as possible so that you don’t forget any important details.

If you’re new to design, a funeral pamphlet template is a great starting point. You can customize the template to fit your loved one’s needs. Most templates have text boxes for filling in the information, like their name, birth and death dates, and funeral songs. You can view and change the text boxes before printing the program.

You can also add a photo of the deceased to the funeral program template. Choose a photo that shows them in a familiar setting, smiling or laughing. Finally, include a short thank you message from the family, and remember that the funeral program is a keepsake of the deceased, not a newspaper.

Edit a funeral program in MS Word

If you’re not comfortable using our online tool to create a funeral program, don’t worry! We have a solution for you. We offer funeral program templates that are compatible with Microsoft Word, so you can easily customize them to fit your needs. With our wide selection of templates, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your loved one’s service.

One template that many people love is called the Heaven Template. It has a classic and elegant design, with a dark, earthy theme. It features twelve photos of your loved one’s life and accomplishments, making it a great way to honor and remember them.

With our templates, you can also add personal information about the deceased, such as their favorite color or hobbies. This makes the program more meaningful and personalized. Once you’ve created your design, you can easily print it out or share it with others online.

If you want to take your design to the next level, you can use Adobe Express or Adobe Illustrator to create beautiful graphics and designs. These programs allow you to save and update your design at any time, and you can even download it as a PDF file for printing later.

No matter what your skill level is, we have a solution for you. Our funeral program templates are easy to use and customize, so you can create a beautiful and memorable program to honor your loved one.

Print a funeral program

If you’re looking to create a special tribute for your loved one who has passed away, a funeral program template can help. The program includes important information about the deceased, such as their name, obituary, and details about the service. It can also include a photo collage, a poem, or an inspirational quote. It’s important to make sure the cover page includes the name of the departed and the following pages include information about surviving family and friends, as well as the funeral service and reception.

Including details about your loved one’s life and interests is a nice touch to personalize the program. You can also add a bit of humor by using quotes that reflect the deceased’s hobbies or passions.

There are many customizable template of funeral program available online. has a variety of templates to choose from, including a modern and minimalist design with a soft pink background and pretty fonts. This template can be modified to fit your needs and is suitable for home printing. If you’re unsure of how to create a funeral program, downloading a funeral program template can be a great starting point to personalize it with your own design.

Self-Editable Funeral Programs

Our funeral program templates are designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to edit them easily online. You can customize the templates to suit your needs by adding or removing elements, editing text and images, and there are no limits on the amount of information you can include.

One of the best things about these templates is that you can start working on your program now and finish it later because we automatically save your work. You can also edit your program anytime and anywhere using your account.

Once you are happy with your final design, you can download a printable PDF format that you can print at home or take to a printing center. This means you have complete control over the printing process and can ensure that the final product is exactly how you want it.

Funeral Program Templates

When we want to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away, a printed bi-fold funeral program is a great way to share information about their service. You can create and print your own funeral program using our funeral program templates. These templates are a great choice when you’re looking for the best way to create a folded funeral program.

Our funeral program template word free download are a great way to quickly create and print funeral programs online. You can find templates for funeral obituaries, folded funeral programs, and funeral bookmarks for free.

Creating a custom funeral program is a rewarding experience for families. You can easily replace the dummy content in our templates with your own photos, names, dates, obituaries, and service details. You can also add a custom cover with a photo of your loved one on a serene or spiritual background.

In today’s world, it’s important to have a well-edited and printed funeral program or obituary to make the funeral service look professional. You can use our funeral program templates to make this process easier and more organized.

Funeral Program Template - How to Videos

What is use of obituary template in making of funeral programs?

An obituary template is a useful tool in making a funeral program because it provides a structured format for writing an obituary. An obituary is a written announcement of a person’s death, which typically includes details about their life, family, career, and achievements. It is usually published in a newspaper or online and is often included in the funeral program.

Using an obituary template can help you organize your thoughts and ensure that you include all the important information about your loved one. It provides a framework for writing an obituary that is both comprehensive and concise, making it easier to create a meaningful tribute. Additionally, some funeral program templates may have pre-designed sections where the obituary can be inserted, making it even easier to create a professional-looking program.

Frequently Asked Questions while making funeral program templates

During the process of making funeral program templates, a lot of questions come into your mind which act like a barrier to the completion. The most frequent questions which can arise are discussed below:

What to write in a good Obituary for funeral program?

Writing an obituary is not much tricky, obituary just contains a complete shadow of life events in limited words using text. Read here for how to write an obituary.

Are there any funeral templates available that i can self print?

Our all funeral program templates are self-printable. You can see all funeral program templates in our funeral programs section.

Will i able to add my photos? Is there any limit?

There are no limits on content. You can add as much as you want. To see how to add a photo see our funeral program videos section.

Can i choose a different background for my program?

Yes, there are over +100 free funeral program backgrounds available to choose. You can upload your own image or can use a solid color.

Are there any affordable funeral programs? offers all funeral programs at a very affordable price in the industry. We also give you Premium Customization Service without any extra charge

Can i get a Free Design service?

Yes, you can simply fill out a form on the free design request page, and we will design it for you. Complete the online process, with no extra charges.

What are popular funeral program templates in US?

In the United States, funeral programs are based on the theme of the life of a loved one. But floral, sunset themed, or doves funeral programs are in demand

Can i save it to USB or Email it to print?

Yes, you can download the printable file and save it to your USB drive, or even can email it to your printing person to access and print it

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