Free Funeral Program Template

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What is a Funeral Program Template?

Funeral Program Template helps you to create online printable funeral programs. Using these funeral program templates can easily replace dummy content with their photos, dates, names, obituaries and order of service details. You will be able to edit only after inserting your content.

No need to pay to see how your funeral program looks like. You will be able to modify any content – at any time. Use our free design service, you are unable to do it yourself. No additional design fee is applicable.

You can self print our every templates. Simply edit it and download the printable file. You can use your own printer or take it to your nearest printing center.

Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Template is professionally created to make you edit and printable with your content. Whether you are planning a funeral or a funeral template for memorial service, programs and services will help you get through the planning process, if you are starting from scratch without knowing exactly what to do Huh.

Best Tips for Funeral Program Template

  1. Select a “Funeral Program Template” that matches with your loved-one life theme.
  2. Add a single face photo of loved-one as Cover Photo.
  3. Mention “Date of Birth and Date of Death” under Photo with name.
  4. Write a medium length Obituary” which covers the life of loved-one.
  5. If any, you can add “Order of Service” and put a Funeral Thank You note at the end.

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Self Editable Funeral Programs

All these funeral program templates are created for self-editing using the online tool and most important, you can download a printable PDF format of your work to print in your home or any printing center .

With these “funeral program templates” you will be able to

  • Add / Remove any element of the template
  • Add / Edit your own information
  • No text / images limit
  • Start working now – finish later as we save your work
  • Edit anytime – from anywhere using only your account

Funeral Program Templates

Celebrating the event of the life of their loved one, the printed bi-fold funeral program is actually the best way to present information on the police service.

To create and print this funeral program document, we offer an array of options for funeral programs, oh yes – these funeral program templates are really such a great choice when you are looking for a best folded Bipolar plans funeral programs.

What is Free Funeral Program Template? Actually, These templates are the very good way to create and print funeral programs online.

For funeral service, you may be required for funeral obituaries, folded funeral programs, and funeral templates. You can get all type of templates for the funeral program for free.

Free Funeral Program Template is a good term to quick start your journey to create and print funeral programs.

Start selecting one from bellow to a quick start using #1 Online Funeral Program builder software.

If you are looking to create funeral bookmarks online, use this funeral bookmarks resource.

Free Funeral Program Template

Free Funeral Program Template is available site wide on QuickFuneral website. There are other many funeral templates and obituary program templates are available which you can same edit online to add your text, photos and other information to make printable version.

Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Templates

For well documented and well designed printable funeral programs we have below options of funeral program templates

We have many more options such as half page 8.5 x 5.5 funeral program templates and other sizes. Please see All Funeral Program Templates page for more information.

Scope of Funeral Program Templates

Creating a memorial program for a loved one’s memorial service needn’t be time-consuming or difficult.

Funeral programs are an essential piece to the funeral service because they provide a tangible piece of history and memorial of the loved one even long after the funeral service has ended.

It also serves as a way to help guide attendees along in the funeral order of service. You can create funeral programs using Microsoft Word or any other application you are comfortable using.

Funeral Program Templates Advantages

If we start talking about the advantages of editable funeral program templates, these are really very helpful.

According to some media news, they are also explaining the benefits of funeral programs available at and about “How Funeral Program Templates are helping families since 2016 provided by to more than +10,000 families”.

Use of Free Funeral Program Template

Employing the use of a free funeral program template is a great approach to creating professional quality funeral bulletins. Here are some tips we’ve summarized when using any template for the memorial or funeral service.

Download your template to a familiar place on your hard drive such as the desktop for fast and easy location. Always copy the original template first before editing so you’ll leave the original intact.

Remember to save your template frequently and rename it if you have to. Also, have all your pertinent information ready that you will want to include.

Scan photos and type up the related text so you can just copy it straight into your template. If you will be incorporating photos, crop them after scanning before you add them to your template to remove excess space.

Always ask the printers for a proof to review and give you enough time for assembly or putting it all together.

How to Customize Free Funeral Program Template

Creating custom funeral program can be a rewarding experience. A custom cover is one that shows the deceased photo embedded on top of a heavenly or serene background.

The back design of the deceased photo can be anything depicting serenity, peace, comfort, hope, or spiritual.

Often, families will find a special photo of their loved one and then have the background removed and superimposed onto a new background.

There could be multiple photos for the custom cover of the funeral program and done in a collage-like format and layout.

Pro Tip: Learn about “Steps for Creating a Funeral Program

Or there could just be one large one. This, of course, will all depend on the size of the self printable program template.

Free Funeral Program Template Help Video

Still confused about funeral program templates available here? Watch this Quick video for “how to select a funeral program template” to get a quick brief about this. Watch Now!

Funeral Program Template

Funeral Program Template Word Download

Funeral program documents are documents that serve as a guide for funerals and create booklets and events for memorials, funerals and celebrations of homeguards and life services.

You may distribute printed copies of these programs on the Services, or, you may send copies prepared electronically via email, or post to various social media outlets or memorial websites. These templates have a graphic background, and usually contain a outline of a funeral or memorial service, a life tribute or autobiography, remembrance poems, Bible verses, and thank you notes and acknowledgments. Templates can also come in a variety of software program formats including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher and MAC Pages. This article will help you understand how to create a funeral program in Word.

Sample Funeral Program Template

Below is a funeral program to help you create a funeral program, or memorial book. A funeral program (sometimes called a funeral pamphlet, funeral pamphlet or obituary program) is a printed handout containing funeral or memorial service information, obituary or funeral tribute, poetry, prayers and special notes.

Can occur. Funeral programs and booklets can come in various sizes, layouts and designs. See also the article on what the funeral program is.

Free Funeral Program Template Photoshop

We have prepared for you our special collection of absolutely free templates for funeral service programs. Their fully editable format allows you to add all necessary and important information and a picture if you wish.

Ready-made PSD templates can be used by graphic designers with any experience, customization in Photoshop will not take much effort and time.

Hope our templates can be useful for you or your customers. Get some new inspiration and join a professional with We really hope you enjoy our exclusive PSD templates collection!

Funeral Program Template Google Docs

Funeral programs are a way of honoring the deceased and guiding guests through a funeral or memorial service. Featuring a tribute to loving your deceased, it is an essential part of any funeral, memorial, graveside service or celebration of life.

However, funeral planning is a lot of work. You already have so much on your plate, not to mention feelings of loss after losing someone special. A free funeral program for Word and Google Docs makes it simple to customize templates and create heartfelt programs without any hassle.

We’ve worked so hard that you don’t have to. These easy-to-use templates are 100% free to download. In a few clicks, you will be ready to print your document to serve your loved one. Although simple, we hope that this program reduces some of the burden of planning for funerals.

Free Editable Catholic Funeral Program Template

Printed funeral programs play two different roles at the funeral service. They can provide an order of service for the participants. They can also serve as a commemorative monument, with photos and information about the deceased. In a typical Catholic funeral mass, the role of the funeral program is slightly different.

Here’s how the Catholic funeral program may differ from the one prepared for the funeral in another faith: the order of service and obedient responses to the funeral are usually already a printed ritual book provided by the church Is detailed in The funeral program can be used to direct those attending the ritual book during the service, while remembering the deceased.

In other words, you can design an individual funeral program that depicts the life of the deceased and instructs those attending the service under that program to refer to the ritual book or funeral mass booklet during the mass . Here you have to gather some information before designing the funeral bulletin:

• Place, date and time of service
• Names of priests and other criminals
• Pallbearers’ names
• musician names
• Place, date and time of burial service
• Name of the person offering the eulogy (not always part of Catholic service)

With that information in hand, you can design a personalized funeral program that records the details of the last service. You can further personalize the memorial bulletin with photographs of the deceased, a quote, funeral poem or song, religious symbols and other graphics and an obituary.

In this process it is important to involve the priest rewarding the service, so that he knows that you will provide a personalized funeral program.

A simple statement at the beginning of your bulletin, such as “Please refer to the Ritual Handbook for the Order of Service” will help those who know what to expect, especially if they are not of the Catholic faith.

Purchase Funeral Program Template

If you need to design a funeral event, our template is easy to use and very versatile. They can be easily edited and graphics can be manipulated to create the design of almost any funeral event that you want. From conservative and low-color templates, to contemporary, unique, and colorful designs, you can use your imagination to create the perfect memory for your loved one. You can also quickly and easily add your own graphics, pictures or funeral program clipart to our programs. Our funeral program gallery shows our template, and gives you many different funeral pamphlet design ideas. Click to locate our funeral program template sample gallery.

Funeral Pamphlets

A funeral pamphlet is a collapsed, printed sheet that holds the occasion of a funeral or commemoration, and praises an expired life. These can be given by the Freebay funeral home, or you can make them yourself on your home PC and printer.

On the off chance that they make them at home, the funeral pamphlet layout is a fast and simple answer for effectively delivering printed dedication materials. Projects generally do not need to be printed and distributed.

Projects and memories can likewise be conveyed electronically, for example, through email or presented through web-based media and appreciated sites. Formats come in a variety of paper sizes, plans, tones, and designs, and can help you create an extraordinary and personal remembrance memento for your loved ones.

Improving components – To give you a more customized and expert look and feel pamphlet, you may have to include missing clipart, outline for photos, twist, border and various pictures.

With a little diligence, you can create a wonderful, pamphlet that will help you appreciate your adorable memory for a long time to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Funeral Program Template

✅ What to write in a good Obituary for funeral program?

Writing an obituary is not much tricky, obituary just contains a complete shadow of life events in limited words using text. Read here for how to write an obituary.

✅ Are there any funeral templates available that i can self print?

Our all funeral program templates are self printable. You can see all funeral program template in our funeral programs section.

✅ Will i able to add my photos? Is there any limit?

There are no limits on contents. You can add as much as you want. To see how to add a photo see our funeral program videos section.

✅ Can i choose a different background for my program?

Yes, there are over +100 free funeral program backgrounds available to choose. You can upload your own image or can be use a solid color.

✅ Are there any affordable funeral programs? offers all funeral programs at very affordable price in industry. We also gives you Premium Customization Service without any extra charge.

✅ Can i get a Free Design service?

Yes, you can simply fill a form at free design request page, and we will design it for you. Complete online process, no extra charges.

✅ What are popular funeral program templates in US?

In United States, funeral programs are based on the theme of life of loved one. But a floral, sunset themed or doves funeral programs are in demand.

✅ Can i save it to USB or Email it to print?

Yes, you can download the printable file and save it to your USB drive or even can email to your printing person to access and print it.

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