Graveside Service Program

Graveside Ceremony, a graveside service is called “direct burial” by the funeral industry. In addition to being much less costly than a funeral, it can be a warm and informal way for friends and loved ones to honor the departed.

Graveside Service Program Templates

With a graveside service, the funeral service takes place at the cemetery or burial site.

Funeral homes will still provide much of the same core services as with a traditional funeral – including the transportation and care of the deceased, but with a Graveside service there is generally no visitation period and no embalming provided.

Funeral attendees gather at the gravesite for a ceremony led by a chosen officiant. With a graveside service, the deceased may be buried, or may instead have already been cremated with the cremains being buried.

After the service the body or cremains are lowered into the grave or placed in a mausoleum or crypt.

Graveside Service Programs (8.5 x 11) US Letter Size

Graveside Service Features

A graveside service can be thought of as a pared-down funeral. Many of the features of a traditional funeral are present, but minimized. For example:

  • Viewings and visitations are either very brief or not held at all.
  • The funeral conductor/officiant can be a member of the clergy, a funeral director, or a friend or family member. However, the service in general is much shorter, requiring less of the officiant’s time.
  • Pallbearers are generally not used at a graveside service, as the casket is usually in place by the time service attendees arrive.
  • Usually only one eulogy is delivered rather than multiple eulogies, and there tend to be fewer readings and/or prayers.
  • There are usually fewer flower arrangements or no flower arrangements, which can save money.
  • Musicians and/or soloists do not usually perform at a graveside service.
  • Photo slideshows and video tributes are not part of a graveside service, as the location generally cannot accommodate them.

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