How to Arrange a Cremation Service

The first step in arranging for a cremation will be to contact several funeral homes in your community to obtain general price lists. Such lists should feature a detailed itemization of the services that the funeral home offers and what they will charge for them. Comparison shopping is going to enable you to find a funeral home that suits your budget and personal wishes.

Once an establishment has been chosen to handle the cremation, the body’s transportation and actual cremation will be overseen by the funeral home. Additionally, the funeral home will assist with providing and filing the appropriate death certificates and permits in your county. Prior to the actual cremation, you should ask for a written disclosure of how the cremation will be performed, and the funeral home will have you sign a written authorization before the cremation is actually performed.

The next step will be for you to decide if you want to be present during the actual cremation. While this step is unusual, most funeral homes will accommodate family members who wish to be present. Next, you will need to choose a container for storing the cremated remains. These containers are much less expensive than traditional caskets. Your available options will range from specially designed cardboard boxes to ornate urns.

Additionally, you will need to decide if you want to have a casket viewing before the cremation is performed. While this will increase the overall cost of the cremation substantially, many bereaved individuals find comfort from being able to see their loved ones one last time, and holding a service will provide mourners to have a chance to gather together. Caskets may be rented specifically for this purpose, or you can choose a casket that will be incinerated at the same time as the body.

Your last step will be to decide how you want to dispose of the ashes. Cremated remains can be placed in a mausoleum, placed in a cemetery, or scattered in a location that has special meaning. Some of these options will require additional expenditures, so make sure to do your research before selecting a final option.

Following these simple steps will allow you to arrange a cremation service that suits your personal preferences and those of your loved one. The planning process can be difficult in the midst of grief, but a funeral home will provide all of the assistance you need.

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