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Losing our loved one is one of the hardest and toughest feelings ever. Funeral Service Progrm is a way of remembering them virtually by celebrating their life .

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Funeral Service Program : Introduction

A funeral program service is a brochure or pamphlet that highlights the order of events for a funeral or memorial service. Basically, It includes details such as the name of the deceased, their date and day of birth and death, and the location and time of the service. The funeral program may include photos, poems, or other personal touches that honor the deceased’s life. It is often distributed to attendees as a keepsake and a way to remember the life and legacy of the deceased. It can be customized and designed which also reflects the personality and preferences of the deceased and their family.

Creating Funeral Programs

It can be a meaningful way to celebrate the life of a loved one and guide attendees through the service. Here are some steps to follow when making a funeral program:

Gather information: Start by gathering all of the necessary information, including the name and photo of the deceased, their date of birth and death, the location and time of the service, and any other important details that you want to include.

Choose a design: Decide on a design for the program that reflects the personality and style of the deceased. has a wide collection of funeral templates with free editable and customizable services.

Write the content: It includes an introduction, a schedule of events, any readings or funeral speeches that will be given and any other details that you want to include, such as a biography.

Select photos: Choose photos that capture the essence of the deceased and their life, including pictures from different stages of their life, with family and friends, or doing things they enjoyed.

Print and distribute: Once the program is complete, print copies to distribute at the service. You may also want to create a digital version to share with those who couldn’t attend the service.

A funeral program is a reflection of the life of the deceased. So, create with care and respect. It is also important to make sure that all information is accurate and up-to-date.

Funeral Service Program: Types

There are several types of funeral programs that can be created, depending on the wishes of the deceased and their family. Here are some of the most common types:

Traditional Funeral Service Program: It includes the basic details of the funeral service, such as the order of events, the names of the officiant and pallbearers, and any readings or prayers that will be offered. It may also include photos, a biography, and information on the deceased’s life.

Celebration of Life Service Program: It is designed to celebrate the life of the deceased and may include a short summary of the life of the deceased one with personal touches, such as quotes, poems, and stories from family and friends. It may also include information on the deceased’s hobbies, achievements, and other interests.

Military Funeral Service Program: This type of program is designed to honor a veteran’s service to their country and may include information on their military service, medals and honors received, and other military-related details.

Religious Funeral Service Program: This type of program is specific to the deceased’s religion and may include prayers, funeral hymns, and other religious elements that are important to the family.

Personalized Funeral Service Program: This type of program can be customized to suit the specific wishes of the deceased and their family, including unique design elements, personal photos, and other special touches that reflect the life of the deceased.

Keep in mind that the type of funeral service program that is chosen will depend on the preferences and beliefs of the deceased and their family.

What to Include in Funeral Templates?

Program for Funeral  include information about the deceased and the information realted to funeral service programs. Here are some common elements to include in a funeral program:

Cover: The cover of the funeral program typically includes the name of the deceased, their photo, and the dates of their birth and death.

Order of Service: This section outlines the order of events for the funeral or memorial service. It may include details such as the opening prayer, music selections, eulogies or tributes, and closing prayer or remarks.

Obituary/Biography: This section may include a brief obituary or a longer biography that details the life and accomplishments of the deceased.

Photos: Including photos of the deceased throughout the program can be a meaningful way to honor their life and memories.

Poems, Readings, or Scriptures: This section may include favorite poems, readings, or heartful messages that were important to the deceased or their family.Acknowledgments: This section is an opportunity to thank those who provided support and assistance during the funeral planning process.

Funeral Home Information: It includes information about the funeral home, cemetery, and where the service will be held.

Avoid Making These Mistakes

When making funeral templates, it’s important to keep in mind that the program is meant to be a respectful tribute to the deceased. Try to avoid the following things:

Inappropriate language: Avoid using inappropriate language or humor that may offend or upset family members and friends who are mourning.

Oversharing personal information: While it’s important to honor the life of the deceased, try to avoid oversharing personal information that may be too private or uncomfortable to share with others.

Political or controversial statements: Avoid making political or controversial statements in the funeral program, as this may create tension or discomfort among those who attend the service.

Poor quality images or design elements: Always use high-quality images and design elements in the funeral program to ensure that it looks professional and respectful.

Grammatical errors or typos: Double-check for grammatical errors and typos, as these mistakes can detract from the overall quality of the program and may be seen as disrespectful.

Funeral Program Templates

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Frequently Asked Questions On Funeral Service Program

Here we provided some most frequent questions that may arise when you start making funeral programs. Answers are also given to clear your doubts.

What is a funeral service program?

A funeral service program is a printed document that is used for a funeral or memorial service and provides necessary information about the deceased.

How can I create a funeral service progrsm?

You can create a funeral service program by using as it provides free editable and customizable service.

How can I write an obituary in funeral templates?

You can easily write an obituary in templates in just a few minutes. Quickfuneral has an “obituary generation tool”  which creates an obituary by just giving necessary information like, the name of the deceased one, date and day of birth and death, etc.

What size of templates will suitable ?

Mostly, people used letter-size templates as it is easy to handle. Letter-sized templates are also considered as a standard-size of funeral templates.

When to distribute the funeral templates ?

 It should be distributed to attendees before the start of the funeral or memorial service.

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