Writing an Obituary

An obituary is a written in remembrance of the important events and accomplishments in a person’s life. Properly written, an obituary can touch hearts and inspire relatives, friends, colleagues, and even strangers with a concise glimpse at a unique life well spent. The first step in writing an obituary is to take a few hours and gather and organize information about your loved one. Personal information data form will guide you through the basic information needed to assemble a complete obituary using Funeral Program templates. Inclusion of any or all of the information suggested is optional and entirely dependent on your personal preferences. Make sure to double check for accuracy, such as locations and dates.

Personal information needed to start completing your Love one Obituary:

Full name
Nicknames, if any
Profession, passion, or specific attribute
they are known for
Date of death
Age at time of death
Location of death (optional)
Cause of death (optional)
Birth date
Birthplace (city and state, or country)
to double check for accuracy, such as locations and dates.

Background Information Needed

Major life events and dates (marriages, major moves, etc).
Education (high schools and colleges attended, including degrees and graduation dates)
Career achievements and highlights, including military service
Professional, religious, or volunteer affiliations
Hobbies and interests
Quotes or stories that convey the personality of your loved one
Spouse’s name
Is spouse living?
If no, provide date of death
Children (names and spouses if applicable, locations of residence)
Number of grandchildren (names are optional); number of great grandchildren
Other family members

Using the completed personal and background information on your love one will assist you in completing the next step, completing your love one obituary. This generally include the: introduction, main text, survived by, and funeral information. The length and depth of the obituary will depend on your personal preferences, and can range from very simple to complex and detailed.

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