Funeral Program Templates

When faced with the task of creating a program for a funeral, having a template can be immensely helpful. Funeral program templates offer a structured and organized format, allowing you to focus on the content and pwersonalization of the program. Whether you need a template for a funeral pamphlet or a comprehensive program, there are various options available to suit your needs.

Funeral Program Templates are pre-designed funeral templates that help to create self-printable funeral programs within minutes. With the help of these “Funeral Program Templates”, you will able to insert your own information online on editor and download printable PDF to get it printed. During a Funeral Service, use of Funeral Program Template in the creation of funeral stationary is a good option to save cost than other Microsoft Word or Publisher Templates.

Funeral Program Templates

A template for a funeral program serves as a foundation for creating a meaningful and memorable tribute. It typically includes essential details such as the name of the deceased, their date of birth and passing, as well as the location and time of the funeral service. Additionally, these templates often provide space for a biography or obituary, allowing you to share important moments and memories of the departed.

When designing a funeral program, consider using a funeral service order template. This type of template outlines the sequence of events during the funeral service, including readings, hymns, eulogies, and any other significant rituals or customs. By following a predefined order, you can ensure that the program flows smoothly and pays homage to the individual being honoured.

Whether you prefer a simple and elegant design or something more elaborate, there are numerous template options to choose from. Many templates feature tasteful designs and incorporate elements like photographs, religious symbols, or nature motifs to reflect the unique personality of the deceased.

In summary, utilising a template for a funeral program can alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty involved in creating such a document. It provides a framework for compiling the necessary information and allows you to focus on personalising the program to truly celebrate the life and legacy of your loved one.

How to Print Funeral Program Templates

After identifying the funeral program template of your choice from the list of funeral program templates, you just have to click in EDIT ONLINE button to open the selected funeral template in the online software of funeral program.

Bellow are specified steps for creating the funeral program, follow them to get the self printable funeral program of your loved-one life memorable event.

  1. Select your choice of funeral program template from funeral templates page.
  2. Click on “Edit Online button” of the selected template to get it open in the online editor.
  3. Now, the system will ask you to Register / Login to your account, that makes your project to get saved in the system, so you can access it anytime, from anywhere.
  4. You will see that your selected template is open in the editor, now let’s start editing.
  5. Click on any sample image to get the “image editing toolbox” to delete it, and add your own image from your PC. Simply use the options available at your right-hand side for “Uploading / Adding image”. You can follow this YouTube video for “how to add an image to the funeral program“.
  6. Click on any text to get “text editing toolbox”, there you can erase old dummy text and type your own. Follow this YouTube video for “how to add own text to the funeral program“.
  7. Now when your editing is done, you can download printable pdf of your project to get it printed. For “How to Download Funeral Program” help steps, follow this YouTube video for “How to Download Funeral Program to Print“.

Funeral Program Examples

When creating funeral programs with the help of Funeral Program Template, you will love to check few funeral program examples to get an idea for how a finished Funeral Program Template work looks like.

The Funeral Program Template is well structured with all necessary data that are waiting to get edited by you with your own content and get printed. So. there is no risk to get missed any component which is required to be on Obituary Program.

Here you can see two different examples of obituary programs or funeral programs.

Editable Funeral Program Template

Self Editable Funeral Program Template allows you to do all editing by yourself instead of any designer or funeral homes service providers.

These Editable Funeral Program Templates comes in all types of the formation to match loved-one life most important things or activities, such as military funeral program templates, baby funeral program templates, sports funeral program templates and many more.

While editing these obituary templates, you will have many options to add your own content such as “funeral poems”, “funeral clip art”, “funeral sentiments”, “funeral background images” and many more.

You can give your voice to this memorial program by adding a voice memorial to your funeral program.

Printable Funeral Program Template

Many websites online offering service for a printing service but they are costing too much than the actual price. To cut-cost for funeral service, you should consider for self-printable funeral programs that allows you to self-create using easy online tools where no extra computer knowledge is needed.

Simply be ready with your loved-one life memories such as photos, any written obituary text, and other obituary text. If you don’t know how to do these all things, we have a good resource for “how to write an obituary”.

When you have all of this information ready, you have two options:

Either start creating printable funeral programs by yourself. To get started, visit our section of printable funeral programs here.


Apply for Free Funeral Program Design Service at no extra cost. To quick apply, simply Apply for Free Funeral Program Design Service.

How Funeral Program Templates Works?

Free Funeral Program Templates allows to create online the printable Funeral Program Templates. These funeral programs can be unlimited in rich content. You will able to add unlimited text contents, photos and other order of service details.

Steps to create Funeral Program Templates

  • Select a funeral template from our collection.
  • Create an account or login to your existing your account.
  • Start Adding your own contents.
  • When done, click on download free sample pdf.
  • Once satisfied, click on Download printable PDF.

Funeral Program Templates

Design, personalizing, customizing the content, selecting fonts and colors, incorporating photos, creating a cohesive layout, considering printing options, proofreading, and finalizing are included in making funeral program templates, at the time of making various questions arise.Few of them were discussed below:

What is a funeral program template?

A funeral program template is a pre-designed document that serves as a guide for creating a personalized program or booklet for a funeral or memorial service. It typically includes details about the deceased, the order of service, readings, poems, hymns, and other information that can be customized to reflect the individual’s life and preferences.

What are the benefits of using a funeral program template?

Using a funeral program template can provide several benefits. It saves time and effort as the basic structure and design are already set up. Templates also offer a professional and organized look to the program, ensuring that important information is included. They can also serve as a helpful guide for those who are not familiar with creating funeral programs.

Can I customize a funeral program template?

Yes, funeral program templates are meant to be customized. You can personalize the template by adding photos, selecting specific fonts, colors, and backgrounds, and modifying the content to reflect the individual’s life and personality. Customization allows you to create a unique and meaningful program that honors the deceased.

What software do I need to use for funeral program templates?

Funeral program templates are often provided in formats compatible with popular software such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Adobe InDesign. These programs allow you to easily edit and customize the template to suit your needs.

What information should be included in a funeral program template?

A funeral program template typically includes essential information such as the full name of the deceased, their date of birth and death, details about the funeral or memorial service (date, time, and location), the order of service, readings, poems, hymns, and any other elements you wish to include, such as photographs or a brief biography.

Are there different styles of funeral program templates available?

Yes, there are various styles of funeral program templates available to suit different preferences and themes. Some templates may have a traditional and formal design, while others may be more modern, colorful, or themed around specific interests or hobbies of the deceased. You can choose a style that reflects the individual’s personality or the tone of the service.

Can I print funeral program templates at home?

Yes, funeral program templates can be printed at home if you have access to a printer and the appropriate paper. Many templates are designed to be printed on standard letter-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″). However, you can also opt to have them professionally printed at a print shop or through online printing services for a more polished result.

Is it possible to create a digital or online funeral program?

Yes, it is possible to create a digital or online funeral program using funeral program templates. Instead of printing the program, you can save it as a PDF or image file and share it digitally through email, social media, or on a dedicated memorial website. Some templates may also be designed specifically for online use and can be customized accordingly.

Can I use a funeral program template for other types of memorial services?

Absolutely! While funeral program templates are commonly used for traditional funerals, they can also be adapted for other types of memorial services, such as the celebration of life ceremonies or virtual memorials. By customizing the template to fit the specific event, you can create a meaningful program regardless of the format or location of the service.

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