Funeral Programs with Voice Message

Funeral Programs with Voice Message

Funeral Programs with Voice Message proudly announcing the new features for Funeral Programs by adding your own Memorial Voice Messages. These voice memorial messages can be anything like, describing your loved one life details in brief or order of service details or that may also a Funeral Poem that can’t be explained in written words. is not charging a single amount of money for this advanced feature. You can simply add your own Voice Memorial Messages to your Printable Funeral Program by just simply uploading your recorded Voice Message.

How to Add Voice Memorial Message to Funeral Program

  1. First, record your voice message on PC or using your mobile phone.
  2. Share it on PC by Emailing this file to yourself, then downloading on PC where Funeral Program is being created.
  3. Use “Add Voice Memorial” option onQuickFuneral Editor to upload this voice file.
  4. Simply upload there, and get QR Code (a scannable code by our Android App) to add somewhere on the funeral program
  5. That’s It! Now your guests can listen by scanning this code within Quick Funeral Android App

We, always in search of every possible option that can enhance the experience of The Memorial Program of your loved one.

The effect of Voice Messages in Funeral Program Template is completely new in Funeral Service. There have been more than 250 Voice messages added on programs on its first day of launch. Now surprise your guests by more describing your love one life history or other related voice verses.

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