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How to Avoid Funeral Scams

How to Avoid Funeral Scams

When a family member dies, you're faced with making funeral arrangements during the height of grief. Planning a funeral involves making decisions you probably never considered prior to the death - what to write in the obituary; whether to have a memorial service; whether to choose burial or cremation, and what type of casket or urn to choose.... View more
Eulogy Quotes

Eulogy Quotes

Adding eulogy quotes to your speech, is like seasoning your speech with spices,  demonstrating colorful descriptions and thoughtful explanations.  Trying to write an eulogy  when you are staring at at blank piece of paper, is about as easy as pulling teeth from an alligator.    By incorporating  classic quotes into your script, it is like being... View more

Additional Ideas for Songs

Songs Played At Funerals Songs played at funerals can help express how greatly your loved one will be missed.     The selection of funeral songs can make you smile… or cause you to cry. There is no right music that suits all.  The songs played at funerals are as varied as the individual that was. And that’s what this day… View more

Christian Music

Christian Funeral Music Listen to our selection of the most popular Christian funeral music songs. In selecting songs, give consideration to the favorite songs and hymns of the deceased. Prior to when my mother-in-law passed away, I had never thought to ask her what hymns were her favorite. I asked her fellow church friends for… View more

Catholic Funeral Hymns

Catholic Funeral Hymns When my mother-in-law passed away, the responsibility fall to me to select the hymns for the Catholic funeral service. This was a somewhat daunting task, selecting Catholic funeral hymns, as I am not Catholic. Choices had to be made for: Opening Hymn Psalm Song for Offertory Communion Song Recessional HELP! I contacted… View more

Funeral Hymns

Listen to A Selection of Funeral Service Hymns Below is a collection of my favorites funeral hymns, done in a variety of renditions from everything from choir to gospel and to country. The link includes a snippet of music from the most popular funeral hymns. Enjoy. I hope you find comfort in the words and… View more

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