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ATTENDING FUNERAL SERVICES How do I handle awkward questions about the death? Be prepared to hear words that are intended to comfort but are awkward or seem inappropriate, such as, “You’ll get over it,” “It was her time,” or, “I know exactly how you feel because I lost my little Chihuahua last week.” While these types... View more
How to Avoid Funeral Scams

How to Avoid Funeral Scams

When a family member dies, you're faced with making funeral arrangements during the height of grief. Planning a funeral involves making decisions you probably never considered prior to the death - what to write in the obituary; whether to have a memorial service; whether to choose burial or cremation, and what type of casket or urn to choose.... View more
Eulogy Quotes

Eulogy Quotes

Adding eulogy quotes to your speech, is like seasoning your speech with spices,  demonstrating colorful descriptions and thoughtful explanations.  Trying to write an eulogy  when you are staring at at blank piece of paper, is about as easy as pulling teeth from an alligator.    By incorporating  classic quotes into your script, it is like being... View more
Memorial Service Music

Memorial Service Music

Music  played or performed should  be a tribute to the deceased.   Music provides quiet background.  Consider  a playlist of favorite songs of the deceased,  playing while guests find their seats, and at the conclusion of the service as people leave. Often in a memorial service one or two songs are played during the service. Some people... View more

Rock of Ages

Words: Au­gus­tus M. Top­la­dy, 1776. Music: Toplady, Thom­as Hast­ings, 1830. Al­ter­nate tunes: Cuyler, J. Hy­att Brew­er (1851-1931) Redhead, Ri­chard Red­head, 1853 Sir Will­iam Hen­ry Wills, in a let­ter to Dean Le­froy, pub­lished in the [Lon­don] Times in June, 1898, says ‘Top­la­dy was one day over­tak­en by a thun­der­storm in Bur­ring­ton Coombe, on the edge of my prop­er­ty, Blag­don, a rocky glen run­ning up… View more

My Soul, There is a Country

Words: Hen­ry Vaugh­an, Si­lex Scin­til­lans, or Sac­red Po­ems, 1650. Music: Vul­pi­us, Mel­chi­or Vul­pi­us, Ein Schön Geist­lich Ge­sang­buch (Je­na, Ger­ma­ny: 1609). My soul, there is a country, Afar beyond the stars, Where stands a wingèd sentry, All skillful in the wars. There, above noise and danger, Sweet Peace sits crowned with smiles, And One born in a manger Commands the beauteous files…. View more

How Sweet The Sound of Jesus’ Name

Words: John Newton, Ol­ney Hymns (Lon­don: W. Ol­iv­er, 1779). Music: St. Pe­ter (Rein­a­gle), Alex­an­der R. Rein­a­gle, Psalm Tunes for the Voice and Pi­an­o­for­te (Ox­ford, Eng­land: 1836). Al­ter­nate tunes: Heber, George Kings­ley, 1838  Ortonville, Thom­as Hast­ings, 1837  How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds In a believer’s ear! It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, And drives away his fear. It makes the wounded spirit… View more

God Moves In A Mysterious Way

  Words: Will­iam Cow­per, in Twen­ty-six Let­ters on Re­li­gious Sub­jects, by John New­ton, 1774. It is re­port­ed­ly the last hymn Cow­per ev­er wrote, with a fas­cin­at­ing (though un­sub­stan­ti­at­ed) story be­hind it. Cow­per oft­en strug­gled with de­press­ion and doubt. One night he de­cid­ed to com­mit su­i­cide by drown­ing him­self. He called a cab and told the driv­er to take… View more

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