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Funeral Prayer Cards

Funeral Prayer Cards Creating prayer cards to distribute at any memorial or funeral service has never been easier with our templates which are formatted with 8 cards per sheet of letter size paper. No fold flat prayer cards can be laminated after printing, if desired. Add a photo on the front, if desired and personalized prayer or poem on the back. We provide funeral prayer cards that are eligible to edit online with your own content. You can even download printable version of your work to start printing. Memorial prayer cards are small cards that traditionally feature devotional pictures, and are distributed at religious funerals and memorial services as a tribute to a loved one who died. These keepsakes, which are sometimes called holy cards or In Memoriam Cards, typically depict an image of a saint or religious scene on the front and a prayer with the deceased person’s name and death date on the back. These cards can also feature a variety of non-traditional and secular graphics and images on the cover, and can be distributed more informal memorial settings, such as memorial services, celebration of life services and tributes.

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