Funeral Cards Templates

Funeral card templates can be religious or secular and can show many different colors, styles and designs. These cards may also include many different types of information. To save time when creating your memorial, you can purchase a funeral card template.

Funeral Cards Templates, also known as memorial or remembrance cards, are small printed cards distributed to mourners during a funeral or memorial service. These cards serve as a way to honor and remember the deceased and provide a tangible keepsake for those in attendance.

Funeral cards typically feature essential information about the deceased, including their name, date and day of birth and death, and sometimes a photograph. They may also include a short obituary, tribute, prayers, or meaningful quotes. The design and content of funeral cards can vary based on personal preferences, cultural customs, and religious traditions.

Why Funeral Card?

There are several reasons why you should use a funeral card template. Firstly, it will help you track who you’ve invited to the funeral and how many will attend. You can also use this template to create a program for the funeral. It has a lovely cherry blossom background and a nice font so that you can send it out to your friends and family. Second, you can print out the template yourself. Third, the templates are usually very affordable.

There are commemorative cards, pocket-size flakes distributed to family and friends who attend the funeral or memorial service of a loved one. They usually accompany a funeral program but can be handed down independently.

Funeral homes, professional designers, and printers can design, design, and remember cards. However, it is becoming more common for families to make these bunches at home. This gives them more control over design and materials, personalizing them as needed.

This can help reduce costs from already priced funeral services. Families can purchase and enhance a card template to remember. Remembrance cards and templates can come in various styles including standard card sizes, bookmarks, prayer cards, or folding funeral cards.

Take A Look On Funeral Cards

Remembrance Card Templates

Remembrance card templates leave a space for the image of your loved one. A high-resolution, color image would work best in this situation. You can also choose to use a different picture, such as a religious or nature scene.

They can be purchased online or through a funeral home, but making their own at home is becoming more popular for families. By downloading a remembrance card card, you can choose what it looks like and what content is included.

If you choose to print remembrance cards at home, consider using card stock instead of regular copy paper. If you have the time and it is within your budget, you may want to laminate the card for durability.

Memorial Cards

Memorial cards are small, strong, laminated cards (about the size of a playing card) that pay tribute to the deceased. Their use is not necessarily limited to funerals. You will find them distributed at visits, vexes, memorial services and celebrations of life.

Memorial cards are known by many names. They can be called funeral cards, memorial cards, or prayer cards. Regardless of what they are called, the cards are popular as a meaningful gift for those who attended services for the deceased. After the funeral, it is common to place people in their Bible or prayer book as a remembrance of a loved one.

Memorial cards are usually religious or devotional. They will usually present a photograph of the deceased and an inspirational image on the front. The reverse side will contain a poem, scripture or brief biography of the deceased. While most cards are still spiritual, they are common to be designed in secular subjects. In fact, you can design cards in any fashion of your choice.

The tradition of the application of memorial cards to those attending the funeral originated from the Catholic tradition. Prayer cards honored various saints or biblical episodes. These cards were provided at the time of the funeral, but did not contain information related to any specific person. As printing became more accessible and customization more affordable, the card was adopted for use as a memorial tribute. Plain prayer cards that are unrelated to a funeral or memorial can still be found today. They are sold in church gift shops and special religious shops.

Choosing a Memorial Card Printer

When you are looking for a printer to handle your commemorative card, it is best to find a person with experience working with funeral cards. They will understand the need for fast shipping and will be sensitive to the fact that you may be unhappy. Here are some other things when choosing a seller:

  1. A good variety of designs and templates
  2. A customer service telephone number where you can talk with the real person
  3. A secure website (look for https in website address)
  4. quick turnaround
  5. Contact a designer if you need assistance

Cards can be ordered from Funeral Program Template Website and various websites, or you can quickly and easily create your own prayer cards for your service. Here is a guide to your own custom commemorative prayer card on your home computer and printer.

Funeral Program Templates

For well documented and well designed printable funeral programs we have below options of funeral program templates

We have many more options such as half page 8.5 x 5.5 funeral program templates and other sizes. Please see All Funeral Program Templates page for more information.

Free Funeral Program Template Help Video

Frequently Asked Questions

While making funeral cards, a variety of questions would arise in your mind which act as barriers. So, to overcome that barrier we answered those question which mostly asked.

What is a funeral card template?

A funeral card template is a pre-designed layout that provides a framework for creating memorial cards for a funeral or memorial service.

Where can I find funeral card templates?

Quickfuneral can be the best place for funeral cards as it provides free editable and customizable services where you can design your card according to you.

What information should be included in a funeral card template?

 A funeral card template includes the name, dates of birth and death, a photo of the deceased, a short obituary or tribute, and any religious or personal information 

Can I share funeral card templates with others?

Yes, you can share funeral card templates with others, especially if they want to create similar memorial cards or if you are working together on planning the funeral or memorial service.

Can I use funeral card templates for digital or online memorials?

Yes, funeral card templates can be adapted for use in digital or online memorials, such as social media posts or digital photo albums.

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