Custom Funeral Poems

Amidst planning for the funeral, and feeling like you’ve been kicked in the stomach, you’re trying to hunt down a poem for the service that will, in some small way, express your love for your beloved.

A poem that will capture their essence. Not the typical, generic lines of poetry.

The classic poems really don’t reflect the true image of your loved one, do they?

A lot of them use imagery that goes way over most people’s head.

And the popular poems are used time and time again, and start to sound like a broken record.  Even the best poems need an update.

If you’ve never settled for the ordinary before,  why would you want to start now?

Would you like a poem that is the difference between memorable and unmemorable?  A poem that is truly one of a kind, completely dedicated to the story of your loved one.

The Solution To A Memorable Funeral Poem

We will create for you a custom personalized funeral poem, inspired by  your loved one.  A poem that you will always cherish. That can be  framed and displayed.   A poem that your family and friends will want a copy for a keepsake.

Our funeral poem maker and poet, Judith, will lovingly write a poem that includes the things that made your loved one so special.

  • Why you loved them.
  • A poem that is completely original.
  • A custom poem that will bring tears and smiles to those in attendance at the service.
  • A custom poem that your family will hug you after hearing it and be forever grateful to you for your efforts.
  • A funeral poem that is designed especially for you.  That will convey your heartfelt affection and a reflection of how you feel about your loved one.


An Example of Our Custom Funeral Poems;

When Sheryl’s father passed away, she searched through all the poems and came up empty.

Nothing really captured his essence or described the ways in which he was special.

So she turned to Creative Funeral Ideas and asked us to write her a poem.

She wrote how he loved to have fun, and was an explorer and traveler.  He loved his Norwegian Viking heritage.  Loved animals, camping with the family, big lakes, and was the life of the party.  And his battle with cancer.

Here is the poem Judith wrote:

Claire Torgerson

We remember Torg with memories and love
As the greatest Dad and friend

Husband, Grandpa and much, much more
A love that shall be without end

His courageous battle with cancer
Was conducted with dignity and grace
Like the life he lived, so fearless and brave

He confronted the journey he faced

    His days were filled with activity and fun
An explorer in body and mind

Like his Viking heritage name
‘Torg’ was truly one of a kind

A seeker of knowledge with a thirst for life
To experience, learn and discover
And family times with camping and games

Will be treasured like no other

 Fisherman, boater and sportsman alike
His interests were spread far and wide

Like the ‘Big Waters’ he loved so much
As he soaked up life’s wonders with pride

He loved animals and people on equal terms
His quest for knowledge never through
And a listening ear, which was always fine tuned

As he loved a good story or two

Though his journey on Earth may be conquered
His traveller spirit still prevails
In his passage to celestial glory

To discover what the next world entails

His memory will always be treasured
Even though we are now separate
A piece of his adventure remains with us all

And his ‘life of the party’ celebrated

Judith C. Adamson

That is just fantastic Judith! You wrote like you knew him! What a gift! I can’t wait to share it with my family. God Bless You!”   – Sheryl

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