Memorial Services

A memorial service is less rigid than the traditional funeral service but still very meaningful to family and friends. Memorial services can be performed just about anywhere such at a lake, on a boat, in the mountains, in a community center, or traditional church setting.

Memorial services are still held for the most part around three or four days after the death and held at a more convenient date and time for the attendees. It can also take place weeks or even months after a death because the body is not present. Family and friends are invited to speak at the service in a time designated on the funeral program for a time of sharing.

This type of service is more versatile and flexible as there are very few rules. The body is not present due to cremation or because the body has already been buried. Memorials are also held in another state of where the deceased was buried. Family and friends can gather together and have a service for the deceased. Sometimes the surviving family member may request a funeral service just for the immediate family and have a large, public memorial service.

If you decide on having this type of service for your loved one, you will need to employ the services of a funeral home or memorial society for the disposition of the body. You could also take care of the details yourself if you are able or have a desire to do so. The service is more simpler than a funeral service and less expensive. Hiring a funeral home will incur more costs as opposed to taking care of the details yourself.

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