Catholic Prayer Cards

Catholic Prayer Cards

Catholic prayer cards, or sacraments, are small, hand-held, illustrated cards depicting a saint’s image on one side and the folk prayers on the other. Holy cards, or prayer cards, are distributed to aid in the veneration of saints and the images they bear. In Christian tradition, holy cards or prayer cards are small, devotional pictures intended for the use of the faithful, which typically portray a religious scene or saint in a roughly play-card-sized picture.

Typically, Catholic funeral prayer cards feature a religious image on one side, while a smaller photo of the deceased, their names, birthdates, and death dates are displayed on the other. Special prayer cards are printed for Catholics and distributed by the deceased’s family at the funeral, which contains the name of the deceased, and often their birth and death dates. The holy cards feature a religious image with a favorite quote or prayer and are used to remember special moments, such as first communion, confirmation, or even family gatherings. Check out our current listings for saints and prayers on these laminated holy cards: Lovely cards featuring images of your favorite saints, as well as scenes and prayers on the back.

We have our Catholic Holy Cards on six (6) continents now, with nearly 800+ different designs, and well over 4 Million cards in stock on our shelves. Two wonderful friends are pleased to offer an entire line of Catholic prayer resources and materials. Our Catholic prayer card/holy card ministry came into being through serendipity (better known as God’s loving providence). During the Cold War, both Catholics and Protestants helped to promote holy cards, or prayer cards, presenting a unified front against the threat of Godless communism.

Catholic Prayer Cards Templates

For instance, if one chose to include the prayers of St. Francis of Assisi, one could decide to include the picture of that specific saint on the front of the prayer card. This message is not that different than the message in loving memory, but that little distinction can set your loved ones’ prayer card apart from others. Use in the What To Write On A Memorial Card, or any of the other faith-based ideas, too. Consider using this prayer for someone who dedicated their lives to pursuing the same goal.

Dad has been involved with printing for nearly 30 years and wrote the first prayer some 19 years ago. Well, guess what, he had some copies printed, and the demand increased for more, so he printed more holy cards, and wrote some new ones too.

Few shops would carry these cards individually, since the cards were purchased in large quantities. Wholesale account sign-up This wholesale website has been created for retailers and buyers of larger quantities of wholesale products to place orders online, thereby expediting and automating the wholesale processing of orders.


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