Ideas for Funeral Program

Before knowing Ideas for Funeral Program, Let’s first understand that what is a funeral program ?

The funeral program is a very important part of a funeral or memorial service.  It gives details of the service as well as details of you departed loved one.  Adding photos and choosing the right design can turn this functional document into a treasured keepsake that honors your loved one’s memory.  Whether you make your own funeral program, or hire someone to do it for you, there will be many decisions that you will have to make concerning the design and the content of the program.

Ideas for Funeral Program, There are many different funeral program designs and layouts you can choose from and a wide variety of information that you can include in your programs and booklets.  Here are a some funeral program ideas and tips to help you get started.


Ideas for Funeral Program

Think about the kind of design you want for your program.

Funeral program designs can be conservative, colorful, religious, secular, floral, landscape and many, many more.  You may want to consult the internet for funeral program cover ideas.  You can also think of what your loved one liked, such as a favorite flower, color or theme.  If you have no idea where to start look at examples on the web, or ask the person helping you to provide you will samples.

Choose a funeral program layout

Layouts can vary considerably. You can choose a very simple single fold layou that prints on standard paper.  You can also choose trifolds, step or graduated folds, gatefolds, flat cards and small cards.  Make sure that you have enough information to fill up the type of layou you choose.  Also, if price is a concern, you may want to stary away from fancier more complex layouts, as they can be more expensive that standard layouts.

Decide what information you want to include

Your funeral program can include a lot of different information including the following:  Photos, order of service or funeral outline, scriptures, prayers, poems, an obituary, life sketch, life tribute, photo collages, memorial clipart, personal notes, pallbearer and flower bearer information and special thank you and acknowledgements.  Make sure your layout can support the amount of information you want to include. See our article on what to include in a funeral program for more information.

Look at funeral program samples

Looking at funeral program samples is a great way to get ideas for both design and content.  You can search on the internet for samples that will give you both design and content ideas.  You can also ask your church or funeral home to show you some examples of funeral programs that they may have.  Friends and family members probably have funeral program that they can let you look at so that you can make your decisions about what to include.

Consider your Budget

If you are on a budget, you will want to carefully understand the options that increase the price of your funeral programs.  Things such as lots of pictures, multiple pages, fancy folds, textured paper and paper size can significantly increase the price of your program.  If you are making the program yourself, these same options can lengthen the time it takes to do your programs.  See our article on funeral program costs if price is a consideration.

So here we described Ideas for Funeral Program. You can start creating any size of printable funeral programs from



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