How to Easily Create a Funeral Program

How to Easily Create a Funeral Program

After your loved one died suddenly, you have very limited time to gather and put together all the information for a beautiful funeral program. Here are the simple steps you need to create a great funeral program.

1. Gather Personal Information

In order to gather the personal information of the deceased, you need to take the help of family members and friends. Make a list of all the information required and ask the family members and friends who can provide this information.

2. Use Compatible Software or Templates

You can create a good bi-fold or tri-fold program layout with any word processing software. However, if you don’t have design skills then you can use a funeral program template and customize it as per your requirements. It will not only save your time but also it will give you other ideas about the program too.

3. Put Your Program Together

After choosing the design, now it is time to put all the information together. Make sure you put information in the same order as the funeral service. Don’t create clutter with excess information. Keep it simple.

4. Choose Images and Fonts

Choose the fonts which make the program look beautiful. Only use a couple of different fonts and stick to them. Try using a white or cream-colored paper.

5. Decide on Your Cover

The cover is the first thing that everyone will see. So you need to carefully select the cover of the program. You can simply put a picture of the deceased.

6. Select a Printer

You can print your program either at home or at a professional printer. You need to keep the cost in mind and print the program. The professional printer is better if you are printing it in a large quantity.

Optional Information for Funeral Program

In order to make the program more personal and memorable, you can add the following optional information in the program.

  • Some photos of the deceased individual at various stages of life
  • A short biography
  • His or her favorite songs
  • Some of his/her hobbies
  • Time and place of reception
  • Sentiments of gratitude

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