How Many Funeral Programs Should You Print

How Many Funeral Programs Should You Print

We believe that we are honored to help you celebrate the life of a loved one by creating a very personal funeral plan. Choose from a stunning selection of templates that capture the life of the loved one, then customize them with your own personal touches. Not only does the memorial service plan outline what is going to take place at a funeral or memorial service, but the funeral plan can celebrate your loved one and help attendees and mourners to remember them fondly. Once you collect the personal information, photos of your loved one, and an Order of Service from your celebrant, you can start writing your memorial service program. You should check with the funeral home or memorial site to make any individual requests, but generally, a memorial ceremony may have more individualized orders of service.

While the funeral director may be able to assist with creating the program through the funeral home, there are ways that you can create it online independently if you would like more of a personal touch. At the other end of the spectrum, you could get help from a company specializing in printing and designing funeral programs. The results should be a compelling funeral program that captures both the funeral services as well as the unique identity of your loved one. This could be a great option if you do not have the time or skills to design your own templates. For a four-page funeral service program, for instance, you could print a designed front and back layout onto one normal-size (8 1/2 x 11) landscape page and fold it down the middle.

Funeral Program Templates

For example, if you have a tabloid-size program (11 x 17 inches), you will want it printed on 11 x 17 inches paper on a printer capable of printing this size of paper. Depending on how many people you anticipate attending a wake, viewing, or another funeral service, creating a program via digital templates and then printing it out on a home printer might not be effective enough to generate as many copies as you need.

If you are working within a tight deadline leading up to the funeral or memorial, you can have professional printing done in the convenience of your own home. We will offer these services for free, so you only need to pay once for the single print file, and then you can have it printed by yourself.

Finally, if you would like more assistance in printing out the funeral template, ask us, by sending us a message through our contact us page. More than anything, this funeral home, and staff want to help you create a personal, meaningful, and healing funeral experience that brings comfort and peace to your family. A funeral service plan (sometimes called a funeral brochure, service order, or brochure) is a printed document or card detailing the events of the funeral or memorial service.

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