Funeral Bible Verses

Funeral Bible Verses

Here are a few comforting Bible verses to read, as well as to share with others grieving at Christian funerals. Attending a Christian funeral service means listening and joining many prayers and Bible readings. For a religious funeral, readings from Scripture at a funeral may express the belief that the person is continuing their journey into a new life in heaven, and many funeral bible readings and poems also acknowledge the difficulty of mourning and offer words of comfort.

Many funeral bible readings express how God the Father comforts those who have died and gone on to live with Him in Heaven. Many Bible readings for funerals reflect on Bible and Jesus’ love for those who are welcomed to heaven, as well as for families left behind. Whether you are planning for a lengthy or shorter reading from the Bible at your funeral, or if those who are near and dear to the dead are looking for a popular Bible verse to say at the funeral, these excerpts will offer uplifting, comforting words that you will want to hear.

Funeral Verses That Celebrate Life And Death Many bible readings will speak of the circle of life, and the need to die as a further step in a person’s soul journey, not an event to be dreaded. This selection of Bible verses on heartbreak and deep sadness assures Christians that not only does God understand our sorrows and feel compassion for our sadness, but that God never leaves our side. Blessed are God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Mercy and God of all comfort; Who comforts us in all our sufferings, so that we can be able to comfort others in every kind of suffering, by the comfort we are ourselves comforted by Jesus.

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No power on high or on the earth lower–nor, indeed, anything in all of creation–can ever drive us apart from the love of God. This is eternal life, that those who love me may know the Lord, and Him who You sent, Jesus Christ. For Jesus was convinced, That no death, not life, not angels, nor principalities, nor things now, not things yet to come, not powers, not heights, not depths, not any creature, can ever cause us to separate ourselves from Gods love, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. For the Lord so loved the world, that He gave Jesus, that anyone who believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. Our Lord and Savior — is on the right hand of God, even interceding for Christians.

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