Funeral Verses

Funeral verses add to the list of the literature or readings we can use to comfort families in mourning after losing loved ones. Whether quoted from the Holy Bible or researched from the many poems written on the subject, funeral verses can offer a sweeter, thoughtful comforter for some people during bereavement. This is why they are used so often in a funeral service. They help attendees reflect and appreciate the importance of celebrating the life of their deceased in words that most understand. Verses are a powerful way of restoring the hope of people and an inspiring way of expressing feelings.

When writing eulogies, funeral verses provide a great way of reinforcing our messages and thoughts. Perhaps you are struggling to find something to say. Bible verses and other poems can be inserted into the speech to make it even rich in meaning and relevance. It can also help a transition from one section or mood to another. You will also find verses printed on most cards designed for bereavement. You can always select and buy the cards, then add to that your hand written notes to make it personal and special or simply use the verse in your reading or funeral literature.

However, to use verses effectively for such communications also calls for a degree of tact. We need to understand the context properly so as to choose the right poems and scriptures relevant to a situation. Get the right interpretations of those verses to achieve your objective and avoid the risk of unwittingly upsetting members of your target audience. Not everybody responds well to ‘well, they had a good innings’. If not conversant with the scriptures, seek help from a local church leader or clergy to explain any meanings you are uncertain about.

Poetry can also get to feature a lot more than we may imagine especially if music is also going to be incorporated into the funeral programme. Choose the kind of music that will fit into the theme selected. The collection of the music should comprise the favorites of the deceased. Short verses can also be effectively utilized for shorter speeches like the tributes or with comments. Plan the programme and what funeral verses might go with which piece of music.

Film taking has also gained a lot of importance in funeral services and the verses used for it should again be aligned to the theme. During the editing process consider inserting the right music and any written poetry to give the film its desired feeling. The family will have the film to watch later on and it should serve the purpose of creating fond memories of their loved one without eliciting unpleasant feelings.

As we have described in this article, if used properly, funeral verses can be a most useful way of conveying our feelings for our lost loved ones, of helping with a eulogy as a transitional device or to be added with music to set a beautiful mood and feeling for the service.

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