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What Exactly is an Obituary Template?

An obituary template is essentially a helping hand in creating announcements or reflections about a loved one who has passed away. It’s like a guide that includes all the necessary parts like the name, age, and life details of the departed, plus information about the surviving family members.

The template is also a place to share more about the person’s life, like their hobbies, accomplishments, and personality. It’s a helpful tool, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start or if you’re worried about forgetting any key details. And the good news? We offer these templates for free, making it even easier to pay tribute to your loved one.

How Does an Obituary Template Help?

The template acts as your structured guide, ensuring you have spaces to include every significant detail, anecdote, and information about funeral arrangements. It’s not just about sharing the news of passing but also about honoring and acknowledging the person’s life respectfully, providing comfort during a difficult time.

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Exploring Sizes of Obituary Templates

Obituary Templates come in various dimensions to accommodate diverse needs. The prevalent sizes include 1-up, which is an 8.5 x 11-inch sheet folded in the middle, and 2-up, where two programs are imprinted on an 8.5 x 11-inch sheet and then folded. Once folded, the dimensions of a 1-up program are 5.5 x 8.5 inches, and a 2-up program’s half-page measures 4.25 x 5.5 inches.

Options for customisation are available, allowing you to decide whether to include a border, particularly if leveraging local printing services.

The Benefits of Utilising Obituary Templates

Embracing obituary program templates is both time and cost-efficient. Also referred to as a funeral bulletin, order of service program, or memorial service program, this template integrates the deceased’s obituary and other significant elements of the funeral service like poems, scriptures, photographs, songs, and acknowledgments.

Leveraging a free obituary template can expedite the obituary creation process. A well-rounded obituary generally encompasses the deceased’s full name, dates of birth and death, place of birth, cause of death, locations for wake or viewing, educational history, affiliations, church membership, profession, and a list of surviving family members. These can be integrated into memorial candles or books, serving as poignant keepsakes.

Crafting a Thoughtful Keepsake

Employing an obituary template allows for the consolidation of important details, reflections, and expressions of love and loss, creating a thoughtful keepsake for those grieving. It acts as a guide to ensure that all relevant information is included, making the process more manageable and less daunting during a time of sorrow.

Crafting an Obituary: A Compassionate Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating the loss of a loved one is an emotionally taxing journey, filled with myriad tasks, from managing funeral arrangements and comforting relatives to reaching out to friends. Amidst such turbulent times, setting aside moments to reflect, mourn, and celebrate the life of the departed can offer a semblance of solace. Composing an obituary emerges as a cathartic exercise to articulate emotions and pay homage meaningfully.

Approaching the creation of an obituary should be imbued with sincerity, respect, and adherence to decorum. A well-crafted obituary can simultaneously extend condolences and salute a remarkable life lived.

To assist you in ensuring that the obituary resonates with reverence and honor, we offer a comprehensive guide encompassing:

Editing an Obituary Template: A Walkthrough

While penning a heartfelt eulogy, incorporating pivotal life events and salient details is pivotal. These may include:

  • Complete Name
  • Birth and death particulars
  • Optional cause of death
  • Arrangement specifics for viewings or visitations
  • Educational, occupational, and military accolades
  • Religious and organisational affiliations
  • Information on surviving and deceased relatives
  • Significant awards and organizational memberships

Mindful Composition: Inclusions and Considerations

It’s pertinent to interweave biographical nuances such as milestones, educational journey, marital life, and community contributions. This endeavour to recount and honor allows us to share anecdotal instances, moments of service, and attributes, serving as a therapeutic recollection. The provided list is a rudimentary guide; the depth of information is at the discretion of the writer.

Step 1: Accumulating Fundamental Details

Begin by collating foundational information like full name, birth, and death dates. Details pertaining to funeral or memorial services may also be needed.

Step 2: Conveying the Passing

Subsequently, the obituary should formally acknowledge the passing, with optional inclusion of the cause of death or age. Various phrases can subtly convey this transition.

Step 3: Incorporating Biographical Sketch and Milestones

While the obligation to write an obituary may seem daunting, maintaining a balanced narrative is crucial. Avoid excessive personal details; the obituary is a public document, and oversharing can lead to unprofessional perceptions and potential privacy infringements.

Selectivity in sharing is key, prioritising concise yet informative narration. Elaborate eulogies and personal messages are better suited for alternate memorial settings. It’s not mandatory to encapsulate every life aspect; a succinct, focused obituary is equally impactful. Avoidance of non-essential details like ex-spouses or mundane qualifications maintains focus and avoids clutter.


An “obituary template” serves as a streamlined, predefined scaffold to frame a reverent homage to someone who has passed away. Typically encapsulating around 150 words, it endeavors to concisely arrange pivotal information about the departed such as their name, age, dates of birth and passing, alongside a succinct overview of their accomplishments, hobbies, and distinguished characteristics. Often, these templates accommodate segments for listing surviving relatives, details of funeral or memorial services, and occasionally, sections for donations or condolences. This structured guide aids bereaved families, friends, or professional composers in penning down a considerate and honorable obituary that venerates the individual’s heritage. It acts as an initiation point, enabling the integration of personal reflections and anecdotes while maintaining the coherence and brevity of the obituary.

When articulating an obituary, the choice of words commands meticulous attention. The inclination to portray the departed as “unblemished” or “ideal” might resonate as unauthentic. It is pivotal to applaud the individual’s achievements and moral fiber, concurrently acknowledging their humanly imperfections.

Furthermore, it’s imperative to discern that an obituary is neither a legal proclamation nor a eulogy. It necessitates a blend of candidness and respect, imparting the news of a loved one’s departure without verging on excessive sentimentality or inappropriateness.

To sum up, the task of formulating an obituary is indeed intricate. However, by circumventing the highlighted potential shortcomings and leveraging the provided obituary templates, one can compose a poignant tribute that reverently commemorates the life and enduring impact of the departed.

Obituary Templates for your reference

Here, we are helping you with some obituary examples for your loved-ones. You can pick as per your requirement and fill with your own details to get it added on obituary template while editing.

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