Memorial Card Prayers

Memorial Card Prayers

Memorial cards can also include a brief biography, as well as a poem, prayer, or eulogy that honors the person who died. The poems that you may choose to include on your memorial card can be religious or non-religious and can either be personal to the deceased, or significant to your relationship with him. Memorial cards are also good places to include poems or prayers paying tribute to a loved one. Memorial prayer cards are designed to provide funeral professionals with a tangible tribute they can keep and treasure for years.

 Catholic funeral prayer cards are given to those attending a funeral service in order to remember the lives of those who have died. Typically, Catholic funeral prayer cards feature a religious image on one side, while a smaller photo of the deceased, their names, birthdates, and death dates are displayed on the other. Memorial prayer cards display the photo or graphic of the deceased on one side, with the other side showing the poem, Scripture, favorite quote, or even a short sketch of life. Memorial cards typically include a portrait of the deceased, a short biographical statement, and a scripture passage, prayer, or poem.

 Between an obituary, a eulogy, funeral programs, and prayer cards, there are many places to share information about the deceased person and memories. Including poems at a funeral service to serve as words of remembrance for the loved one can help to communicate feelings of missing that person and mourning a loss. Including poems in prayer cards is a good option for people who are religiously unaffiliated, but want to still make a beautiful memorial to their lost loved one that is memorable for funeral guests. If faith was important to your lost loved one, you might want to consider including a beautiful prayer on the back of the funeral prayer card.

Memorial Card Templates

This message is not that different than the one on the In Love Memory, but that little distinction can set your loved one’s memorial prayer card apart from others. Another option is to have a photo of your loved one on the front of the card, with the poem or prayer that you chose on the back of the card. Once you have decided what poem or prayer you want to be included in your loved one’s funeral prayer card, Honor You can handle the rest.

 Tell your loved one which poems you would like to be included in your prayer card, which hymns you would like to be sung at your funeral, and what clothes you would like to be worn into eternity. See our article on funeral prayers to choose your prayers for your funeral cards. Browse through our most popular prayers for funeral thank you cards, and then just select one, highlight the text with your mouse, right-click, and copy.

 Consider giving your funeral thank you card a more unique, personal flair by adding some funeral clipart, maybe even an unusual caption in your clipart. Memorial cards for funerals can be printed onto heavy-duty card stock or printed onto paper, and then laminated. We also have a selection of funeral poems and funeral hymns, both of which can be included with the memorial cards, or recited or sung at the service.

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