Let’s Compare QuickFuneral to Photoshop From a Card Designing Standpoint

QuickFuneral Online StudioOther Designing Software (Photoshop CS5)
CostAll products are 6.00 – 36.00$699
Free TrialYou can create for FREE and only pay for the  final PDF.Yes, 30 days.
Software DownloadNo software download! Access you project on any computer just by logging in to your account.Be prepared to wait a while and use a lot of your computers resources.
Time to Create the Same Finished Product5 to 10 minutes1 to 3 hours
Ease Of UseLeads you through the process. Step 1,2,3.Months if not years of training required to get the same finished product. Try it and you will see.
Our Moms Can Use the SoftwareYes! =)Not a chance! =)
Specifically Built ForFuneral Printed ProductsEverything
Prebuilt BackgroundsYes, hundreds and we take requests.No, you have to spend hundreds of hours and dollars building them yourself.
Pre-built SentimentsYes, and we take requests.No
Custom Fading, Erasing, and Restoring of PicturesYes, just click the red or green button.Yes, we would love to hear how long it took you to figure it out.
Access Projects on Any Computer in the WorldYes, just login with a user name and password.No, projects have to be saved then transferred not to mention the other computer has to have Photoshop downloaded on it also.
Number of ToolsMinimum to get the job done. Let us know what you want.More than you know what do with.
Prebuilt MasksYesNo
Number of Copies Allowed to PrintUnlimitedUnlimited
Prebuilt Product Layouts/SizesYesNo
Background Theme Display AlbumYesNo
Continual ImprovementsYes, instant daily improvements for no extra costs.Yes, get them when the next version is released and pay $199.


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