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Let’s Compare QuickFuneral to Photoshop From a Card Designing Standpoint

QuickFuneral Online Studio Other Designing Software (Photoshop CS5) Cost All products are 6.00 – 36.00 $699 Free Trial You can create for FREE and only pay for the  final PDF. Yes, 30 days. Software Download No software download! Access you project on any computer just by logging in to your account. Be prepared to wait a while and use a lot of your computers resources. Time to Create the Same Finished Product 5 to 10 minutes 1 to 3 hours Ease Of...

New HTML5 Card Designing Software

In the past, the online card designing industry has been known to be behind the times when it comes to new technology… but not this time! Nine months ago, we at QuickFuneral LLC wanted to build an online application that allowed you to celebrate the life of those that have passed away through quality celebration printed products like Birthday Cards, Wedding Cards, Anniversary Cards, and other printed materials. Buy HTML5 Card Designing Software send your offer to...

Designing your first card

Hello there! Are you new to Carddesigner? It will very helpful to understand, "How to Design and Print Cards" using QuickFuneral. Step-1: Creating Project Goto Start A New Project  You have to select your card type than click on Create button, It will open in new tab. Wait 3 - 5 seconds till studio loads. After this loads you are now on CARDDesign Studio. Step-2: Choosing Your Background for your Card On Right panel, there is option of Background, click on that. Now you will...

Customize an existing template (100% customizable, Unlimited Content) or create your very own using our Drag & Drop easy Card designer studio.

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You can also order for free Card Making Service

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