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All in One Funeral Software

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Funeral Software, Although many people find it very difficult to manage all the tasks for a funeral for a loved one, as a funeral professional, you can make these chores easier for everyone involved — especially when it comes to creating distinctive funeral stationery, touching DVD tribute videos and high-tech funeral webcasts.

Although all-in-one software technology was created with the funeral professional in mind, the technology benefits client families as well. Streamlining the personalization activities for the death care professional, all-in-one funeral software is quick to learn, easy to use, and is there when you need it.

With the time and money saved on dealing with outside vendors and re-printing funeral stationery with errors, funeral professionals are able to spend more time with their client families, serve more families and be more profitable.

With all-in-one funeral technology, funeral professionals are able to create beautiful funeral stationery, inspirational video tributes and provide online funeral webcasting services.

These menu driven applications walk the user step-by-step through the set up and creation of each product. Preview modes allow you to view and make any correction to what you are going to print or burn to DVD before you perform the task eliminating printing errors, costly mistakes and last minute rushing to correct any inaccuracies.

Plus, advanced options have been enabled so that each funeral product or webcast is of top-notch quality and provides client families with a fitting tribute.

Personalized Funeral Stationery
The possibilities of creating unique, personalized and coordinated funeral stationery are almost endless with all-in-one funeral software. This latest technology allows funeral professionals to create up to 450 different themes and include complete personalization. For example, a personalized funeral register book could include not only photographs that tell the story of the person’s life, but also include special poems or a verse of significance. Bookmarks can be created in house by the funeral professional as a memorial keepsake and contain the lyrics of the deceased’s favorite song. The possibilities are truly endless.

Professional DVD Tribute Videos
Innovative funeral software has turned the DVD tribute video process into a simple three step process that may sound complex, but is really ultra easy. With as many or as few pictures the family would like to use, a funeral professional can quickly scan the photos, add some special effects like music, transitions, or picture touch up and then burn the tribute video onto a DVD. The result is a personal and professional tribute video client families will cherish.

Reliable Funeral Webcasting
With families moving further away from their nuclear circle, sons and daughters going off to college or to serve in the military, or due to illness — it’s not always possible to attend a funeral in person. With funeral webcasting, family and friends who can’t attend a funeral can view the service online in either real time or later, at their convenience. For the funeral professional, getting started with funeral webcasting requires some basic equipment and using the proper webcasting software which is also available as part of an all-on-one suite. However, the start up costs are minimal, the software is easy to use and the results are fantastic.

As difficult as it is for a client family to contend with the loss of their loved one, using all-in-one funeral software can help lighten everyone’s burden just a bit. The family will know that the funeral service created was as beautiful, inspirational and fitting of a tribute that anyone could imagine. Knowing that the little details are taken care of is always a comfort at such a difficult time.

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