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Here’s a cost saving idea for printing funeral programs, funeral service programs, or memorial service programs. There are some websites that claim funeral program designs that offer a complete layout providing a front, back and inside, full color design can use a lot more ink from your personal or home printer. The fact is that there are several options or alternatives that you can do if this is a concern for you.

You can remove the back page background image and just keep the image on the front cover.  You would do this simply by clicking on the back image and hitting ‘delete’ on your keyboard. It is easy to remove from the design and then you can make it as simple as you’d like it.

When you feel like you may be able to print the back design, at least you have the copy and can use it for another time when costs may not be as much of a factor. You can use as much color or as little color as you’d like for the funeral service program templates which contain a front, back and inside design. You can remove the back page and create just a simple rectangular border around the existing text box.  Another cost saving tip is printing the funeral program in black and white.

If you take your funeral program to an office supply store for printing, you are already paying for the page to be printed regardless of whether or not you print or use the back page design. Why not get your money’s worth? You will be charged for one page of color printing so why not just print the front and back design?  At first thought, it may appear like you would use a lot of ink when printing both the front and back pages, but in actuality, it isn’t that much more. The print heads on home printers are designed to move from left to right of the paper and it will use just as much ink if you are printing a front cover with many colors as it would to print the back page which is generally translucent.

Setting your color printer to DRAFT mode is also an ink saver! This will save much ink and you can still have a full color front and back cover design. These are just a few alternatives that you can do with versatile funeral memorial service programs.

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