In Loving Memory – Poems For Funerals

In loving memory poems are often offered at memorial services. Although presenting them can be emotionally trying, the process is usually a useful and cathartic part of acknowledging a loved one’s passing. Choosing the perfect funeral poems can be challenging, but it is entirely possible to discover the right words for these very special occasions.

Before we continue discussing how to locate the best poems for funerals, allow me to express my most sincere condolences on your personal loss. I know that this is a difficult time, but you should know that you will be able to emerge successfully from it, enriched by celebrating your loved one’s life with a meaningful memorial.

The best place to begin your search for the right poem is within a collection of classic eulogy verses. Famous and talented poets have been writing poems in loving memory of the deceased for centuries and there are some true masterpieces within the genre that may suit your needs perfectly.

Try to select a poem that balances your need to express your emotions about the occasion with a piece that also captures some of the character and personality of your loved one. The balancing act will continue as you attempt to find poetry that simultaneously mourns the passing of an important person and offers a sense of uplifting hope. Funerals are a time of sorrow, but they are also a time to celebrate our faith and underline our hopefulness for the future.

Most importantly, however, remember why you are looking for a poem. This is not just a required exercise undertaken as part of age old funeral etiquette. It is also your opportunity to find words that truly express your deeply held feelings. Fear, hope, joy, sorrow, faith, love and fond memories can all be found within the best funeral poems. If you keep that in mind, you will find the right words. You will see a poem and its words will leap from the page, directly into your heart.

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