Funeral Program Covers

Funeral Program Covers

Funeral Program Covers, If you are creating a funeral or memorial program or booklet, the funeral program cover may be the most important factor.  The funeral program cover is the first thing that is noticed.

Funeral program covers come in many different styles, colors and themes and designs.  They can range from very conservative to very colorful.

The cover often sets the tone for the funeral service, and can also tell of your loved one’s personality.

Funeral Program Covers
Funeral Programs

Funeral Program Cover Designs

Funeral program covers can come in a variety of designs.  If you are creating a funeral program yourself, funeral program templates are available in a wide assortment of cover designs and styles.  Here are a few different types of designs you can use.

Conservative Funeral Program Covers

Plain no color backgrounds — If you prefer a conservative program, you can often find covers with no color or background images on them. You can also opt for a plain white or neutral background with maybe a think border around the cover.

You can make a plain background unique by adding funeral program clipart or fancy titles.

Neutral color or white background with decorative borders and frames — This is very conservative, but still has some decorative flare.

All one color backgrounds — This is a good cover if you want a conservative look, but still want a little color on the cover.  You can pick the color of the theme of you funeral or memorial or you can pick your loved one’s favorite color.

Funeral Program Covers with Flowers

The floral theme is extremely popular for funeral programs. Flowers are commonly used to remember our loved ones who have passed.  Also, it is very common for our loved one to have a a favorite flower.  Here are a few examples

Covers with one or two flowers — Very conservative and traditional but elegant.

Covers with a complete floral background — This has the entire cover area covered in flowers or bouquets

Covers with floral borders — Has flowers but still conservative with lots of blank space for other information.  It’s also non-distracting to text and family photos.

Covers with Religious Themes

Religious themes are extremely popular covers.  Most funeral or memorials are still held in churches, chapels or some religious facility.  Many mourners find comfort in religious themes when grieving.  Here are some common covers that feature religious clip-art and imagery.

Covers with Crosses and other religious symbols such as rosary beads and crucifix.

Covers with Bibles and other religious publications

Covers with Saints and Angels and Praying Hands

Covers with Nature and Landscape Themes

Nature, outdoors and land and waterscape themes are also very popular.  This scenery can be your loved ones favorite place like a garden, beach or park.  Some common funeral program background covers include:

Garden, Parks, Forests and Landscape Themes

Waterscape, Waterfall, Ocean, Lakes and River themes

National Parks, Sunrise and Sunset Themes

Covers with Traditional Memorial Designs

There are many funeral program covers that have themes that are typically used for funerals and memorials.  Here are some of these themes:

Clouds and Sky Themes, Sunrise and Sunset Themes

Doves and Butterflies

Angels and Saints

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