Example Of Funeral Program

The Funeral Program Sample Inner pages showcase examples of funeral program language that include full-length obituaries or life sketches, along with an example Christian funeral service order of service. A funeral plan is important for helping family members and friends to guide them during a funeral or memorial service and is a reference document listing an order of service. Here is a sample Simple Funeral Program (sometimes called a Memorial Service Bulletin or Obituary Program), which is a printed brochure that may include the cover photograph, the order of service, photo collage, information about the funeral or memorial service, the obituary, poems, and acknowledgments, as well as the information about pallbearers.

This plan layout has the cover photo, service information, a caption, the complete obituary, poems, and an acknowledgment, or thanks, to the family and friends who attended. For this funeral program format, an inner page may be added to this program layout, which increases space, allowing you to add more clipart, picture collages, and other printed information to the program. You can just select photos and information that you would like to add to your program, and the funeral home will print out a brochure for you.

You can print the funeral programs at home, or you can submit the files to a professional print company. You can also share a link to your Microsoft Word file with a professional printer or with your funeral director so that you can have your programs printed. You can create the program entirely using Word, or you can make a rough draft of it and hand it off to the funeral director.

Funeral Program Templates

When editing any of the funeral programs’ sample wording, you may want to alter the sequence of events, type of events, and the number of events that will occur during the funeral services for which you are designing a brochure. The exact words and ideas shared within a program will differ depending upon the type of service you are holding, and the most important message that you wish to convey. The Funeral Program shares important information about your loved one and may include the basics of funeral services.

If you discover that you would like to add more information than what you can include in a small funeral program, consider creating an online memorial website. Memorial websites allow you to publish the schedule, share information about events, solicit condolences and photos, solicit donations, and much more. This service is less structured than the traditional funeral ceremony, but you still will want to include most of the same information.

The cover features a schedule called the Homegoing Service, which is the part of a funeral service in which the family and guests are celebrating their loved ones that are passing away, going to Heaven, and being with the Lord. Funeral details included the names of the deceased, remaining family members, birth and death dates, priests or pastors officiating at the service, and other events within the program. For a four-page funeral service program, for example, you could print a front-and-back layout of the design onto one normal-size (8 1/2 x 11) landscape page and fold it down the middle.

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