Celebration Of Life Ideas

Celebration Of Life Ideas

If you are stuck with what to do, here are a few ideas for celebrating a life that will help cherish the memories of the person you loved with actions. Here are the best funeral program ideas that will make sure the memories of your loved one are kept alive well into the years. Other ideas for the celebration of life include creating a memorial garden, a commemorative DVD, or having doves released in your loved ones’ honor.

A celebration of life is a type of memorial activity to mark a loved one’s death, memorializing his or her unique life and legacy. Whether the day, week, month or years after the loved one has passed away, having a unique celebration of their life could be a wonderful way to remember them. Family and friends can pay tribute in person, and it is a time to reflect on a lifetime together, as well as on the memories you have with your loved one.

Host the anniversary of their death, to remember the amazing life they lived. A memorial service is a beautiful way to remember and celebrate the life of your cherished child.

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Take help from QuickFuneral.com for ideas on creating an appropriate memorial event for your loved one, or plan your remembrance events in advance. For additional ideas on life celebrations, download the “Imagine” brochure filled with creative memorial ideas.

QuickFuneral.com provider can help you connect to those unique passions, helping to plan a unique service that honors a very special life. If you are ready to plan and are looking for unique ways to beautifully commemorate a wonderful life.

While a funeral and a memorial are the traditional ceremonies to help us move forward when our loved ones die, many people are opting these days for the alternative known as a celebration of life. Generally, a Celebration of Life is exactly what it sounds like; a gathering of friends and family, and sometimes members of the local community, to speak of and remember a dear friend or loved one who has passed. Celebration of life and funerals generally share the same principles, but the purpose is to replace the solemn, stoic feel of a funeral with a more light-hearted, personalized kind of memorial.

Usually, this kind of service has many of the same elements as a funeral, but the goal is to replace the somber, stilted atmosphere with a joyful event centered around keeping the memories of a loved one alive. A memorial celebration needs to preserve the spirit of the loved one while focusing on happier times and preferred memories. For example, dedicate a tree or park bench, rename a star in someone’s honor, create an online memorial album, or create a video tribute.

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