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These sample obituary templates are provided as guidelines to get you started on writing a death notice for your friend or loved one who has died. Or, if you prefer assistance, our editors can write a beautiful, custom-made obituary for your loved one.

If you are faced with the challenge of writing a loved one’s obituary, then it may help to look at examples of funeral obituaries to help you generate some ideas. This step-by-step guide to writing an obituary includes helpful information, tips, and obituary examples so that you can write a respectful, meaningful obituary. For more details about writing an obituary, obituary formats, and more examples and obituary ideas, see our articles on How to Write An Obituary, Newspaper Obituaries, and Death Notices, as well as obituary templates or obituary examples.

By now, you know obituaries can go anywhere, from newspapers to an obituary websites. These days, personalized obituaries are becoming increasingly popular as they help to commemorate the life of the loved one who has passed away. An obituary recounts the deceased’s life story, allowing loved ones to celebrate and honor their lives.

Obituary Samples Template

For longer, detailed obituaries, you may wish to include names of family members who preceded or succeeded the deceased in life. Other people, like extended family members or close friends, may also be listed in an obituary, if you believe that your loved one would want other people included. You may want to use the obituary to declare there will not be a funeral service if that is what the deceased person or the family wishes.

Example obituary for short loved one in Everlove Short Obituary Template((full_name)),((age)), at [place of residence], died at((date_of_death)) due to[cause of death]. Short Obituary 5 Short obituary 5 template We sadly report the death of (( full_name)) who passed away surrounded by (( possessive_pronoun)) loved ones on (( date_of_death)). Obituary Example For A Professional Athlete Obituary Example For A Professional Athlete Template (( full_name)), (( age)), of (( place_of_death)) passed away at home, surrounded by (( possessive_pronoun) ) loved ones, after a short struggle with [ illness].

An obituary for the deceased is also placed within the obituary program and can include such information as the full name of the deceased, birth date and death date, birthplace, cause of death, location of the wake or viewing, schools attended, organizations they were part of such as clubs or a military branch, church membership, career or trade they worked in, and finally, surviving family members. There are different ways that you can memorialize or honor a deceased person via an obituary program. An obituary may be written for the announcement of the death in newspapers, or it can be written for a funeral program, prayer cards, and memorial keepsakes.

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