Crafting an Effective Obituary: Dos and Don’ts for Honoring Loved Ones
Creating a Meaningful and User-Friendly Obituary Step 1: Gathering Basic Information To begin crafting a meaningful and user-friendly obituary, start by gathering important details about the person who passed away. These include their full name, birthdate, and date of death. Additionally, note any relevant information about the funeral or memorial service. Step 2: Announcing the […]
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A Good Obituary
A funeral obituary is helpful before writing an obituary. What does the obituary format contain? A funeral obituary is not a necessity but below outlines some reasons why you may want to write one: A funeral obituary is often seen as an invitation to the upcoming funeral or memorial service. You can note the location, […]
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  Words: Will­iam Cow­per, in Twen­ty-six Let­ters on Re­li­gious Sub­jects, by John New­ton, 1774. It is re­port­ed­ly the last hymn Cow­per ev­er wrote, with a fas­cin­at­ing (though un­sub­stan­ti­at­ed) story be­hind it. Cow­per oft­en strug­gled with de­press­ion and doubt. One night he de­cid­ed to com­mit su­i­cide by drown­ing him­self. He called a cab and told the driv­er to take […]
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