Sample Eulogy for Brother

This is indeed a sad day for all of us. We have lost such a great person. I think sharing our grief would help us ease our burdens.

My brother may have meant something to each and every one of you, personally, he was my guardian angel. I remember when we were in school he often got into fights because of me. People used to tease me and he didn’t want to see me get hurt so he tried to protect me. He is also the only person I could confide in. I could talk to him about anything because he never judged or scolded me. He always has some great advice ready for me. He had this trait where he could always turn a dull party around.

My brother was such a character. He knew how to be serious at times and he also knew when to joke around. As a friend he was also very dear. He always found time to be with his friends. He was a very loyal and kind friend. He was also very polite; he was the kind of man who always opened doors for ladies. He could be very immature at times but that’s just because he was still a child inside a young man’s body.

I know my brother left lots of things undone and others that he never had a chance to start. But I promise I will continue what he has started and hopefully fulfill his dreams for him. This is just my small way of saying thank you for everything he did for me.

I remember our last talk together, we talked about death and how our funerals should be. My brother didn’t like to see people cry, especially his family. We only talked about this as a joke and now I realize why he mentioned it. He told me he wanted to have rides at his funeral or anything that would make people happy. I jokingly answered him that I could easily arrange for it but I’d have to face mom’s wrath. He just answered “that’ll no longer be my problem”. That talk happened just last month.

Let’s just be thankful for all the special moments that my brother has left us. And with that, I hope that my brother will continue to live on within our hearts and minds.

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