5 Best Memorial Tributes to Remember a Father

Today many new and innovative technologies are widely recognized in the funeral industry as common services that help make a difficult situation a little easier. Boomers are memorializing their parents and loved ones in nontraditional ways and using new funeral technology to do it.

Technology is opening the doors to unique memorial ideas and expanding funeral planning and memorial service options. With these tech-savvy Boomers wanting to take the negativity out of funerals and find ways to celebrate a person’s life, using new funeral technology such as some of these listed below are among the most popular, common, and rapidly growing.

Top 5 Memorial Tributes For Your Father or Grandfather:

1. Video Tribute With Funeral Music

Family and friends always enjoy reflecting back on the life of a loved one, and celebrating the wonderful memories shared by all. And what better way to do this then by watching a DVD Video Tribute?

In its simplest definition, a DVD Video Tribute is a professionally crafted video production which consists of digital images, video, and/or photos of your loved one, which are then combined and played simultaneously with the funeral music or your choice.

2. New Funeral Technology for Gravestones

In many cases, memorials and grave markers are the last remaining reference to those that have gone before us. Such markers convey the traditional name and date along with an epitaph, which may conflict with a desire for simple elegance and engraving cost constraints.

Due to advances in microchip technology the family can now associate detailed text and photo with a memorial from the pre-installed technology that may occupy as little as 60mm (2.25″) diameter of space. The resulting capability will allow future generations, visitors and historians to access both a story and genealogical information about the deceased from an Internet enabled cell phone while at the markers physical location.

3. Memorial Websites

A Memorial Website is a personalized website that is created to celebrate a person’s life. It is a common place where friends and family can grieve and celebrate the memories of a loved one by sharing stories, kind thoughts, condolences, photos, and videos. The Memorial Tribute can be kept online for life so that friends and family can view the wonderful memories year after year.

4. Memorial Diamonds

Man made diamonds are molecularly identical to naturally occurring diamonds. By recreating the forces of nature to the primary element of all diamonds, carbon, a diamond can be made. General Electric first pioneered this technology in the mid 1950’s.

By using the carbon from the cremated remains or a lock of hair, memorial diamonds can be created to forever encase the cremated ashes in a unique and beautiful memorial.

5. Memorials Reefs

Burials at sea using memorial reefs is another new funeral technology that has been significantly growing in popularity among families.when selecting their final resting place.

Military veterans, environmentalists, fishermen, sailors, divers, and people who have been active all their lives or whose lives has been cut short, are often comforted by the thought of being in the very place they loved so much, and spent so much of their time, and have so many cherished memories.

Remembering a Dad With a Memorial Tribute Offers Many Benefits:

Even though someone’s father or grandfather may no longer be here for an occasion such as Father’s Day, these gifts can serve as an excellent family Tribute, Keepsake, or Heirloom. The main benefit from these gifts is that each one can offer a unique opportunity to honor and celebrate your Dad or Grandad, as well as share many of the great stories and memories you shared together.

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