Common Ingredients of Funeral Program Templates

Funeral Program Templates

Funeral program templates are like a news bulletin that throws light on various aspects and parts of the event, and the life of the person who has left. It needs to have many important pieces of information.

Some of them are essential to include, and many of them can be included to increase the class and elegance of funeral program templates.

Title – Most people do not pay attention when drafting funeral card, but title is one of the most important aspects of a funeral card. It is the first thing that the invitees read.

It should be composed in an attractive and impressive manner. Title should be fancy and attractive that describes the life of the person, who has left.

starttoday Funeral Program   8.5 x 11 (Letter Size)

Venue Details – Without venue details, your invitation would be incomplete. You must include the address and road map of the venue in the funeral program card.

It will help the invitees locate the address, and reach there on time, without facing any hassle. Along with the details of the address, you can also include parking availability of the venue.

The shortage of parking space at public places is one of the most common situations of heck, nowadays. (For the convenience of your guests, you should choose a venue that has sufficient parking space available.)

Cover – Cover is can be pronounced as the most essential inclusion of funeral card templates. The cover picture marks the first good impression about your management and taste.

Generally, picture(s) of the person, who has passed away, are used as the cover picture of the funeral program template. It is totally up to the relatives and/or members of the family of the deceased to decide which picture would be used as the cover picture.

If you do not want to put the cover picture, it is advised to choose a template that does not have any option or space for cover picture.

starttoday Funeral Program   8.5 x 11 (Letter Size)

Programs – Another important and must have inclusion for funeral program template is the details of programs that will take place at the event.

Most of the programs are important for the members of family only, which, your guests, if they want to, can skip. It is suggested to list the programs in their right order, so that guests can manage their time. For this, you should speak to the officials of the cemetery.

Funeral Program Templates
Funeral Program Templates

Obituary – Obituary is the main part of a funeral card. It is like a life tribute to the departed person. You can include the happy moments (you shared with them), blessings (you received from him/her), and the love, you received from him/her (which you will never get the same again). It is one’s personal preferences to decide the length of the obituary text for the funeral card.

Poems – Poems are an artistic way to thank your beloved member of family, who left you because of the law of nature. You can include a poem or one of the favorite poems of the person, who has passed away.

Prayers and Verses – In funeral cards, it is also a must to put prayers and verses from the holy scripture of your religion. Though they are read aloud during the ceremony, but you can incorporate the verses from your book.

Photo Collage – You can pick some of the best photographs and create a beautiful collage, and place it into the funeral card template.

Additionally, you can also include the name of lyrics of the funeral song, flower bearer, and the list of the invitees in personalized funeral card.

starttoday Funeral Program   8.5 x 11 (Letter Size)

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