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Samples of Obituaries

A sample of an obituary is a notice is a publicly announce death of a loved one. Generally, public death announcements are presented in a local newspaper and indicates when and where the funeral or memorial service will be held at the end of the obituary.

Sometimes samples of obituaries are referred to as the funeral program. People often confuse the two and funeral programs are often referred to as an obituary program. An obituary could be the first thing many people read in the newspaper each day and could very possibly be the last word written about a person’s life. Having a obituary written in the newspaper does have space limitations.

An obituary can chart the life of your loved in chronological order and can focus on their accomplishments and impact that person had on his or her family, friends, and community. Writing an obituary is no easy task, especially if you are currently going through the emotions of a loss of a loved one.

Below shows an outline for samples of obituaries. Included are suggested items for inclusion to help guide you through a sample obituary. Keep in mind the length of words you are allotted if writing it for the newspaper or printed publication. If you need to shorten the obituary for the publication, perhaps a longer version can be placed in the funeral program for those who attend the funeral service. For newspaper obituaries, make sure you time the publication of the obituary so that it runs a few days or a week before the memorial service.

Samples of Obituaries:

1. Begin with the person’s full name, date of birth, date of death.

2. In chronological form, indicate the account of the person’s life starting from place of birth, where they grew up, received their education and place of residency. Include a list of schools attended, degrees received, vocation and hobbies.

3. Make acknowledge to any survivors, including parents, spouse and children. The surviving relatives can be listed by name if you desire.

4. Announce when and where the funeral, burial, wake and/or memorial service will take place.

5. Conclude with a statement regarding where memorial contributions can be sent, if applicable. The initial words can include “In lieu of flowers…” or “Memorial donations may be made to…”

Make your obituary sound positive and celebrate the life that was lived by including facts about the person’s interest, hobbies, and joys. The people who read your obituary will read it as if walking down memory lane in reflection to his or her life.

For additional resources and samples of obituaries, visit The Funeral Program Site and see actual examples of obituaries for newspaper and the funeral program. There is also a variety of other resources available for the funeral or memorial service. They have an excellent reputation in customer service as well for those who need funeral program customization services.

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