Planning a Funeral Service

Funeral Service

Though we hate thinking about it, or talking about it, death is very real aspect of our lives. We encounter it every day, and one day we might just find it thrust into our lives when and important figure in our life perishes.


Planning a Funeral Service
Planning a Funeral Service


In fact, you might find yourself in a situation like this right now where you have to be planning a funeral or cremation service for your loved one. However, are you in doubt about which to choose, or just unsure about what you should expect when planning a funeral or cremation service?

Then this article is perfect for you! We’re going to look at ways how you can prepare for a funeral or cremation service.

Educate yourself on the options you have – One big mistake that families often make is to assume that there’s only one way to go about planning a funeral or cremation service. However, that’s the farthest thing from the truth; you have myriads of options.

Just remember, the funeral or cremation service should reflect your loved one’s wishes. Some things to consider:
• You can choose specific video, photograph and music packages
• Family involvement in the ceremony can be incorporated
• Funeral programs can be personalized as well

It’s always great to know just the amount of flexibility you have when it comes to honoring your loved ones and just how touching you can make their service.

Involve as much of the family as possible – We all know that the death of a loved one dredges up a lot of emotions, including ones that we tried to hide while the person was alive.

Therefore, it would be prudent to involve as much of the family as possible in the funeral or cremation service. That way, nobody feels left out and the ceremony can take place as orderly as possible. In some cases, involvement can mean including pictures of as many family members as possible in the funeral program.

Always ask about the cost of the proceedings – It’s your money being spent ultimately, so you should never be afraid to query prices or ask for the prices of various funeral or cremation packages or even to shop around.

There’s a common notion that funerals and cremations should have to be expensive or break the bank, but that isn’t so. You’re entitled to the opportunity to pick, choose and refuse when it comes to the price to pay for the funeral package of you loved one.

If you think something is too expensive, don’t hesitate to see if you can find it somewhere else for less.

Make use of payment arrangements – Even though some funeral packages cost considerably less than others, one thing to note is that they aren’t cheap and can seem like an insurmountable expense – especially if the death was sudden.

Therefore, most funeral homes offer payment plans and arrangements. Be sure to take advantage of these, as they can save your pocket and having to face debt for a long while after your loved one has been laid to rest.

Never rely totally on insurance – Insurance usually just provides you with a lump sum when a death happens; however if not wisely spent, this lump sum can prove to be insufficient when it’s needed the most to cover death expenses.

Be sure not to leave the fate of your loved one’s funeral or cremation service hinging on the insurance company – that can only spell disaster! Put other measures in place if you can, especially if the person is undergoing a long-term illness, to handle the death expenses that will inevitably be incurred,

Be sure to converse on a method of final disposition – The way your loved one is going to be laid to rest is important, no matter which way you look at it.

Therefore, be sure to agree with all members of the family on the way your loved one will be laid to rest, in the event that the ailing family member did not make their wishes known. There are various methods of final disposition that can be considered, including:

• Regular burial – the kind that we all know
• Entombment in a mausoleum
• Burial of their ashes in a cremation garden or spot
• Keeping their ashes in a prominent position in the family home

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to your loved one’s funeral and although proper planning can’t take away the grief that comes from having to experience the pangs of death, it can help to ensure that things go decently and by arrangement.

Another thing that can help you to save money is by utilizing independent sources to provide you with funeral programs and funeral program templates! Our company does just that, and allows you to have a stylish, affordable and high quality program as a keepsake of the solemn event. Your loved one deserves to have the best!

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Funeral Programs

Funeral Programs – are also known as a funeral bulletin, funeral memorial programs, funeral service programs or memorial service program and are used to supply information to those that are in attendance at the funeral and usually lists the order of events, pallbearers, special poems and verses, and anything else that the family wants to include to make the service a memorable experience.

Traditionally, the main focus that goes into the funeral program has been the text. With new technologies, families can now incorporate custom images in addition to text to help celebrate the life of the person that has passed on.

Funeral Programs

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