Pet Memorial Cards

Have you just had a pet that has passed away? Consider creating pet memorial cards to preserve the memory of this special four-footed friend. More people are having these types of cards made or created as a sort of keepsake for their loyal companion. These cards are generally offered in two format layouts: a folding and flat version.

The sizing is very much like the traditional size of a funeral program. This is quite nice since it is convenient enough to place inside your wallet or purse. You can also have the flat card layout laminated if you so desire. Typically a photo of your pet will grace the front cover with a special title above their photo such as Loyal Companion or Man’s Best Friend.

Beneath their photo can be the pet’s name date of death. The photo can be a solo shot of your pet or one with you and your pet. Both are equally popular to use. The inside or back of the card can contain just a few short sentences about their personality and what you remember the most of your dog, cat or bird.

If you’ve had multiple pets in your lifetime, imagine collecting these treasured keepsakes and then reminiscing about your faithful friend back in the day. You can even show your kids or share them with other family members. It’s always a nice conversation piece. The cards are easy to make if you use a pet memorial card template. This will ensure you get them done quickly and easily.

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