Bi-Fold Funeral Templates

This is a professionally designed bi-fold funeral brochure for health care services that give an elegant presentation of your clinics or hospital’s services. This free template of a bi-fold funeral brochure layout has an attractive appearance that is suitable for funeral service agents. Our latest premium bi-fold funeral brochure layout template is ideal if you prefer a business-like look.


This bi-fold funeral brochure layout features both traditional folding style and modern-looking visuals. Instead of using a traditional image placeholder, this bi-fold funeral brochure design uses fun abstract shapes. This brochure bifold design template can be customized with Adobe InDesign. This bi-fold funeral brochure template has A3 pages and can be customized using our online funeral software or ms word.


The quality of this brochure design is hard to find in free bi-fold templates. When looking at the design quality, there is no comparison between this one and most bi-fold funeral brochure templates free download. Like other bi-fold funeral brochure designs, this brochure template is also ready for printing, so you can get it from digital to the hands of your customers with just a few clicks. bi-fold funeral brochure designs, such as the single-fold style used, typically involve document that is image-heavy and has featured graphics.

Bi-Fold Funeral Programs Templates

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best free bi-fold and bi-fold funeral brochure designs available. Now, let us take a look at a collection of amazing bifold and bi-fold funeral brochure templates that are available free from various sources online. You do not need to depend on an InDesign bi-fold funeral brochure template or travel brochure example to develop a brochure that will catch many eyes.


If your company needs winning funeral brochure designs, do not hesitate to check out the templates provided above. Download as many bifold and bi-fold funeral brochure layout templates as you want to give a try. QuickFuneral has free, blank printable funeral templates, which come with default guidelines that will get your design started.


You can personalize brochures by uploading your own designs, or you can build your own layouts from scratch using our free online design tools and printable templates. You can also create a custom layout online using our free online design tool. View sample designs for brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters, postcards, business cards, letterhead, and much more.  

The attractive typography and photography in the bi-fold funeral brochure make it appear attention-grabbing and ideal for advertisements. A bi-fold funeral brochure is an ideal method to promote your brand or company because it provides relevant information to a prospective client which may increase his or her interest in your services. An outstanding brochure design will attract the eyeballs of prospective customers, thus helping in increasing your company’s revenues in the long run. Brochures help to establish the brand of your business, attract new customers, and create brand loyalty.


The overall visual look and feel of your brochure are going to be the first thing a potential client notices. If you are running a travel company, then Rule of Thirds is apt, to make it easier to attract your customers to look at your creative brochures and take advantage of your travel services. The core content of your brochures must provide a reason why a client should take advantage of a product or a service, rather than simply the description itself. 


The A4 size brochure, pre-folded, is about 8.5 by 11. White space — This might be in conflict with the previously mentioned elements; however, keep in mind that the spacing is just as important as the design when it comes to laying out the brochure. It is vital that you get a good idea about the space you have available when designing a brochure.


The white text on a soft blue looks great, but it is easy to adjust this free bi-fold funeral brochure template color scheme, too. 


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