Bereavement: Losing Someone Hurts

Grief is a healthy and normal reaction to the loss of a loved one. Some individuals will postpone grieving, especially if they must focus upon preparing for the funeral of a loved one, but grief is not something that can be avoided altogether. Grief is an emotional process that will begin to naturally subside with time; however, it is not a process that occurs in a step by step fashion. When confronted with the loss of a loved one, liberally allow yourself to have all of the time you need to identify, accept, and give expression to your emotions.

Remember that your feelings during the bereavement process are unique. Each individual is going to express and handle their feelings and emotions differently from how another person would. The manner in which you choose to deal with your emotions should uniquely suit you.

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Establishing a support system around yourself is going to be critical when it comes to successfully completing the grieving process. Support can manifest itself in a number of different forms. It may come from family members or friends, participation in activities that you enjoy, or through emotional exercises, like maintaining a journal or writing letters.

When you are going through the grieving process, there are a few things that you should expect. For example, it is normal to experience:

Feelings of yearning and sadness for the person who died.
Guilt, anger, frustration, confusion, or anxiety.
Becoming overly sensitive to the behavior of others.
Wanting to isolate yourself from others.
Overreacting to minor situations that trigger your grief emotions.

When you experience such feelings or emotions, recognize them, own them, and accept it. In doing so, you will be able to work through the emotions and move towards healing. How you, personally, deal with your feelings is going to be influenced by past experiences, your unique personality, and your own coping style.

The grieving process is never the same for two people. You should expect to deal with a broad range of emotions when it comes to the grieving process. If you become concerned that your feelings are unusual, too intense, or too painful, do not hesitate to talk with a mental health professional that specializes in bereavement. Such a person will be able to introduce you to coping techniques that can assist you through the grieving process. Otherwise, the best course of action you can follow is to allow the grief to run its natural course.

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