7 Useful Tips for DIY Funeral Pamphlet

Funeral Pamphlets are great documents for expressing the programs, order of services and other sympathy messages on a pre-printed document. These Funeral Pamphlet or Obituary Programs play a major role in the memorable funeral service presentation.

Here we are discussing the “7 Useful Tips for DIY Funeral Pamphlet“, these points will help you to create a memorable & well written professional program creation.

1: Choose a life related theme

We will recommend choosing a theme or funeral program background that matches with your loved one’s life events.

Such as, add some sports related theme or background image to make it look like it is dedicated to a sports person.

You can select a matching funeral program template from our funeral templates section. You can edit / change any template background image while editing online. We provide 100s of free themes images to get selected.

If you have a good resolution image, you can upload it as a custom background image.

2: Use a focused to face photo on cover page

Using a photo of a loved one to cover the funeral program will make it complete. Upload a photo that is properly cropped and person dedicated in JPEG / PNG format. Never choose a photo with many other members in a single frame for a cover photo.

If you have other photos with  family, friends or even with any activities, you can upload them either on the back side of the program or at  inside pages.

3: Do not very fancy font for writing

We recommend choosing a font that is easy to print, appear and readable by your audience. Selecting a Times Roman or Arial font will look professional.

4: Write a clean Obituary

If you are adding an Obituary Text for Funeral Program, try to make it as simple as it can be. Start from the beginning of your life journey and cover all important occasions of life. Add some achievements, a little brief about family and hobbies, career etc.

Don’t include extra un-useful information that is not related with loved-one special life events.

5: Adding a Funeral Poem makes it more closer

If you can write a poem for your loved-one or you can get from some sources, you can write in a funeral program inside pages.

A collection of Funeral Poems are available for free with our Funeral Program Software while editing online.

6: Add a short Thank You note or Acknowledgement text

Adding a short thank you note to the program will make it thankful to attendees of the funeral service. You can write your own funeral acknowledgement text or you can also use our pre-added Funeral Acknowledgement Template to customize with your own information.

7:  Order of Service makes it more clear

Write your service plan in the dot leaders Order of Service textbook. This will present each service very clearly.

So, here we got a clear 7 Tips for creating a DIY Funeral Pamphlet. Hope you will now have an idea about items to get added.

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