Your First Christmas After Losing Your Loved One

Your First Christmas After Losing Your Loved One

Losing some one that is very dear and close to you can be very painful and recovering from the shock sometimes takes a lot effort. I lost my mum five years ago and I know exactly how painful it was back then and how painful it still continues to be even now. I remember how tough it was for me when I returned from a National assignment to learn about the death of my mother. The pain was too much to bear but I just had to get over it.

Christmas is one season everyone wants to hang around family and friends and no matter how far away you are from them, you always want to return home to spend the Christmas with them. What then becomes your fate when the distance between you and someone you love so much is so big and ca not be covered; distance as a result of death to that person? My experience was something tough but somehow, someway I got over it through the means I want to share below that can also be of help to you out there.


For those who want to have a fun filled Christmas season and want to get over the painful loss of a dear one, it is advisable to always avoid staying all alone and all by yourself. One of the most difficult things to do is pushing away memories of loved ones and you do not succeed doing so by staying away from people who can be of help to you. Keeping company with friends who will do you a lot of help and help you have a great Christmas celebration.


It is advisable to avoid temptations to get yourself drunk just because you want to get over the shock of losing someone you love. Remember that once you get over the hangover, the feelings returns and you come to realize that you have only done yourself more harm than good and if you choose to continue with getting drunk, you may become addicted in the process.


There are lot of places you could go to with friends and family to help yourself become lively. You could visit the cinemas, watch baseball matches, and go to the stadiums to watch football matches, basketballs, museums and a whole lot of other places. It is a difficult moments surely but the sooner you begin to get over it the better it is for you.


This is one of the most significant step you can take to recover and have a great Christmas when you lose a loved one. Imagine going to the motherless babies’ home to see how they get along. It is wonderful to know that children in the orphanage have been there for years and they manage to get themselves lively. Would it not be lovely to find out how they do it?

Loosing someone you love is certainly not the end of the world and surely life exist after the people we love live us but the truth is we just have to be strong and carry on with life.

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