Words of Condolence – 3 Sample Words of Condolence That Give Comfort

Words of Condolence – 3 Sample Words of Condolence That Give Comfort

Funerals are tricky. They always have a somber atmosphere that leaves you at a loss for anything to say. Even if you’re a close friend of the family, it’s sometimes difficult to offer words of condolence other than “I’m sorry for your loss.”

What you must remember though is that the grieving family will have probably heard a hundred “I’m sorry for you loss” lines. Being someone who knows them personally, it is important that you offer words of condolence that will make them feel better, not worse.

Words of Condolence Sample 1: “While there are no words to help ease the loss that you bear, know that you are close in every thought and prayer.”

These words of sympathy are honest and straight to the point. Yet, they are also sensitive to the grieving party. It’s important to let them know that you will steadfastly support them through this whole ordeal.

Words of Condolence Sample 2: “May you take comfort in knowing an angel is watching over him (or her).”

People who have passed on do not really disappear forever. They are still in the hearts and minds of those whom they have left. By saying these words, you are somehow easing their pain by reassuring them that what is gone in body is not necessarily gone in spirit. This is best said when you are alone with the person who is grieving.

Words of Condolence Sample 3: “Remember that we love you and care about you.”

This one is more of a reminder that life is not over. Grieving people will most probably think that they are now alone in the world. Be there to remind them that this is not true.

Words of condolence do not always have to be “I’m so sorry for your loss.” During this difficult time, keep in mind that you need to make the grieving persons feel that they are not alone.

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