What Are Temporary Grave Markers?

What Are Temporary Grave Markers?

Because a headstone or permanent marker often takes some time to complete, a temporary grave marker helps to identify a new grave for mourners, cemetery workers, and funeral directors. These markers can be as simple as a plastic plaque that is surface-mounted by pressing it into the ground, or more elaborate, with a pedestal-type stand that raises it above the ground.

The pedestal-type markers are placed into the ground with an attached metal rod, while the flush-mount markers are pushed down and secured with stake-type attachments on their corners.

Since some cemeteries do not allow anything except flush-mounted, or surface markers, it’s important to know what is permitted before purchasing and installing a temporary marker. Your funeral director can offer guidance on these regulations and requirements.

Although these markers are not intended to serve on a long-term basis, they can be quite sturdy. Some are made of durable plastic that is weather-resistant; others are constructed of metal such as galvanized steel and painted with outdoor enamel. Your funeral director can create a temporary grave marker for your loved one’s grave and help you with your selection.

With the trend in personalization of all aspects of a funeral, temporary grave markers have also been designed to allow for customization. Client families can choose markers bearing logos, such as military or religious icons. Some markers take personalization even further offering the ability to even include a photograph, a favorite poem or other verbiage on the front and the back of the marker. The funeral director can use funeral software to create these markers and even and match the theme with that of the funeral stationery. These unique temporary grave markers take personalization to another level. After the installation of the permanent marker, the temporary marker can be removed from its stake and the photo frame portion can be given to the family as a keepsake.

No longer limited to a simple statement of the name and vital dates, temporary grave markers can serve as a small memorial in themselves. Adding a favorite prayer, sacred text, line of poetry or quotation along with the basic information may help to comfort those who visit the grave.

Having your funeral director help you in creating a temporary marker that is highly personalized can offer some peace of mind to family and friends visiting the grave. The marker for the loved one’s final resting place may be the final loving act that is performed, honoring the memory while providing a very practical, helpful way for mourners to find their way to the grave.

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