The Importance of Funeral Display Photos

The Importance of Funeral Display Photos

“A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.” Such a beautiful quote which speaks volumes especially if what we’re talking about here is funeral display photos.

You probably have been to the public viewing of a deceased person or perhaps you have already organized such for a relative or family member. You may have noticed that in such viewings or in memorial services, a photograph of the deceased is proudly put on display.

The use of funeral display photos has been an age-old practice. The main objective behind the use of such photos is to show a time in the deceased person’s life when he was most happy. Friends and loved ones of the departed would be more than happy to see a vibrant, lively image of him and preserve that image in their minds and hearts.

Funeral display photos may be a collage of different photographs of key moments in the deceased person’s life. It could be a collection of pictures from the time he was a child to the time when he was at the prime of his life. It could include any picture, but the funeral display photos won’t be as special as when pictures that depict a special part of the deceased person’s life are used.

Funeral display photos are also effective in reminding friends and relatives who will attend the memorial service of special times they shared with the deceased. The pictures stir up old and fond memories which make it easier for the bereaved family and friends to cope with the loss.

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